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A Quick Look at Office Supplies & Equipment

Office supplies and equipment might not seem like much, but these items can be integral to an ideal office setup. From pens, pencils and markers to calculators and personal recorders, Best Buy has everything you need to be as productive as possible. And with brands like Fellowes, Sharpie, Olympus, Sony, Papermate, and HP to choose from, you’ll be able to find everything you need for your workspace.

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A personal voice recorder can prove to be an integral part of any office setup. These handy devices will let you record meetings, and memos that you can listen to later. Plus, most voice recorders are digital so they come with built-in memory and great features that will help you easily manage and transfer conversations to your computer.

A paper or media shredder is great for those important documents and discs that you need to dispose of. Whether you choose a handheld model or one with a handy basket attached, you’ll be able to securely shred confidential papers, CDs, DVDs, credit cards and more with ease.

Post-It notes, a calculator, pencils, markers, and pens are the standard tools of every home office. But it doesn’t end there. Picking up file boxes will make it easy to store your most important documents. And if you need to preserve documents and photos, a laminator will do the trick nicely.

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