Plasma TVs



Plasma TVs for Cinema-Style Viewing

Add a plasma television to your home theatre setup and you’ll enjoy every fast-action game, sport and movie to hit the screen in razor-sharp detail. Best Buy carries an assortment of plasma TVs from great brands such as Panasonic, LG and Samsung, and every model comes loaded with a 600Hz frame rate, which is 10x that of standard TVs for the ultimate viewing.

Crystal-clear Images and Deep Contrast

With a 600Hz sub-field drive and near-instant response times, plasma TVs are able to flash an image up to 600 times per second, so no matter how quickly everything moves, it all looks fluid and crystal-clear. Plus, plasmas can reproduce incredibly deep blacks and offer a wider viewing angle than LCDs, making them perfect for cinema-like viewing in your low light rooms.

Get Smart

There are plenty of plasma TVs that have a Smart TV interface. Connecting to your home’s wired or wireless network, you’ll have quick and easy access to a world of online entertainment, apps, games, your social media, and so much more on a huge screen.

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