Whether you want to wake up to great tunes with a clock radio or kick it old-school with a boombox or CD player, you'll never be without your favourite music.



A Quick Look at Portable Audio

Best Buy carries a selection of portable audio devices so you can enjoy your CD collection and radio stations. Since its inception, the boombox has been the perfect addition at parties no matter where they are. And after a night of fun with friends, a handy clock radio can get you up and moving to your favourite stations. Choose from great brands such as Sony, Coby, Timex, and more.

Learn More about Portable Audio

A CD boombox is a great way to share your favourite tunes with friends when you’re outdoors. Most models require batteries to work, but that makes them perfect for camping or hitting the beach. Built-in speakers will even bring every sound to life with surprising clarity.

If your internal alarm clock doesn’t seem to be working, a physical alarm clock might do the trick. Wake up to your favourite stations, or a loud buzzer and start the day off on time. And with a vibrant display, you’ll always know what time it is.

A radio will always come in handy when the power goes out, or if you simply enjoy listening to your favourite stations around the house. Most models are small enough to place anywhere and give you an easy to way to find out local information on an AM or FM dial.