Portable DVD Players



A Quick Look at Portable DVD Players

Make “are we there yet?” a thing of the past with a portable DVD player from Best Buy. These handy mobile devices are the perfect road trip companion that will keep everyone entertained for the entire ride. Check out your local Best Buy for a wide selection of portable DVD players from brands such as Philips, Sony, RCA, and more.

Learn More about Portable DVD Players

Pop in a disc and a portable DVD player will magically make every long road trip feel short. These handy devices usually have enough battery power for a 2.5 hour movie, but if you’re still travelling when the movie ends, a car adapter will keep the fun going.

Choose a model with a swivel screen and dual headphone jacks to share your favourite movie with a travel buddy. You’ll both be able to enjoy every vibrant image and crisp audio when you connect with your favourite headphones.

The great thing about a portable DVD player is that most models do more than just play movies. Choose one that can also play back music and photos, and you’ll always be entertained no matter how long the ride is.