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RC Toys Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Whether you decide to get into RC helicopters, cars, trucks or boats, you’ll be able to find a model that’s made just for your skill level so you can really make the most out of your hobby. There are beginner RC cars that are great for racing down the street and there are upgraded models that can be customized to perform amazing stunts and blaze down a track at over 100km/h. Best Buy offers a great selection of hobby-grade RC toys and RC parts from Traxxas, Protocol, Parrot, iSuper and more.

Fill your Need for Speed on Land, Air, and Sea

RC cars and trucks can provide you with hours of fun, on and off the road. Traxxas models are especially exciting as they can rocket to speeds over 110km/h. Built for durability, these vehicles can drive over virtually any terrain, perform the most exciting stunts you can dream up, and house waterproof electronics that will make them invincible even when it starts to downpour.

Soar through the air with the greatest of ease with a sleek RC helicopter. Designed with advanced aerodynamics in mind, many hobby-grade helicopters have auto-stabilizing features, precision controls, and the ability to even fly upside down!

You’ll feel like you’re driving a real sports boat with the amazing handling and performance that today’s RC boats offer. Conquer the water with a super charged boat that can go over 70km/h, respond instantly to your slightest touch on the remote, and cut through rough waters without breaking a sweat.

Most hobby-grade RC cars, trucks, helicopters, and boats are Ready-to-Run (RTR) right out of the box. This means that they are fully assembled and come with all the parts you need to go fast or perform cool stunts. You can also upgrade and customize nearly all the parts of an RC vehicle so you can create the ultimate radio-controlled machine.

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