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Refurbished Desktop Computers: Worth a Second Look

A refurbished desktop computer can offer a lot of value. Most models come equipped with all of the same features and functionality, which means you can purchase a higher-end desktop at a significantly lower price point. And because these computers are thoroughly tested to meet standard, as-new benchmarks, they are designed to perform just as well as a new item.

What Refurbished Actually Means

The misconception that refurbished computers are used computers isn't necessarily true. Floor models, cancelled orders, systems that fail initial testing, and returned items can all be refurbished. Those that have been used, the returned computers, probably haven't been used for long, since return policies limit the time you have to do so.

In the case of a defect, the faulty component is repaired or replaced. And in every case, all other components are tested, a new operating system is installed, and the now refurbished computer is sold, still covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Why and What to Consider

The advantage of purchasing a refurbished computer is the savings. Even though you don't get the opportunity to customize your hardware configuration, the money you save can easily be used to upgrade any components or invest in peripherals, like a monitor.

When selecting a refurbished computer, look for the same features and functions you would with any desktop computer: a processor, and memory, sufficient to run the software you plan to use; a hard drive with enough storage space for all your important files; a dedicated graphics card (if you plan to run resource-hungry games and multimedia); and all the connectivity options, additional hardware bays, and slots necessary to add peripheral devices and ensure you can upgrade.

Plus, it's always wise to invest in a brand you trust, or one with a solid reputation. Best Buy carries a wide selection of refurbished desktop computers, including those from brands such as HP, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, and Compaq.

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