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Rethinking Robot Cleaners

Sensory perception
Robot vacuums use high-tech sensors to accurately map rooms. They know where it has cleaned and which part of the room is still messy. Depending on the model, a robot vacuum can tell the difference between hard wood and carpet, avoid obstacles and stairs, and detect if the floor is extra dirty.

Dust capacity
Look for a robot cleaner with a large capacity for dust and dirt. The larger its dustbin, the less you will have to empty it, so it can continue to clean your floors with minimal intervention.

Power up
The longer a battery charge lasts, the longer the robot can clean without your help. Once the battery runs out, it must be manually recharged or the robot cleaner must return to its home base to charge up. Look for models with extended battery life for added convenience and cleaning power.

Advanced features
Robot cleaners can be relatively simple, or they can come with a ton of advanced features for smoother operation and improved cleaning. Some robot vacuums have special brushes to collect dirt and dust from tough-to-reach corners. There are also robot cleaners that go beyond vacuuming to wash and dry your floors, no mop required.


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