Speakers & Monitors



Speakers and Monitors: Sound that Resonates with you

Whether you’re a budding singer looking to record your first demo or an established music producer with a lineup of hot artists, you’ll want to use the best speakers and monitors for your music project. Studio monitors and speakers emit amazing sound quality and accurately reproduce the tones of recordings, making them ideal for the professional studio. At Best Buy, you’ll find a great selection of speakers and monitors to suit your needs from manufacturers like KRK, Audio Technica, Yamaha and M-Audio.

Monitor Speakers

Monitor speakers aren’t your run-of-the-mill hi-fi speakers. These sturdy studio speakers are equipped to handle extremely loud volumes and accurately reproduce recorded sounds in their natural tone. They’re perfect for recording and mixing tracks when sound quality is of utmost importance.

In-Ear Monitoring and Headphones

In-ear monitoring and headphones are great when you need to listen to your tunes without the disruption of outside noise. With a pair of closed-back headphones, you can immerse yourself in your music and listen to it with great clarity. These are excellent for DJs spinning and mixing tunes on the spot.

Speaker Accessories

Speaker accessories like speaker stands come in handy when you simply need a place to put your gear. Whether you’re playing a gig or recording an album, having a professional stand will give you the flexibility of placing your speakers at the height and place you need them.

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