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Wearable & Action Cameras

Which HERO is right for you?

We put together a comparison chart to differentiate and help
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Built to Survive Your Extreme Adventure

Whether you’ve got a GoPro camera strapped to your helmet or you’re traversing a muddy downhill bike trail with a Contour+ HD camcorder, you’ll be set to record some seriously fun footage. Impervious to just about anything Mother Nature has in store, these rugged sport camcorders are designed to get as extreme as you want them to be and still capture all the thrills and spills with advanced features.

Not Your Basic Camcorder

When you strap your GoPro or Contour+ HD camera to your helmet, the hood of your car, or the handlebars of your bike, you’ll have the power to capture every moment in gorgeous high definition. And to ensure it can keep up with your every move, these sport camcorders feature a rugged construction that’s so solid that if it hits the ground you know that the camera and everything you’ve recorded are unharmed.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

In addition to high-quality optics and the power to record HD videos and snap gorgeous still shots, these camcorders are even more versatile than their non-sport counterparts. Some higher-end models come equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities so you can tag where you’ve been and even stream footage to other devices. And with professional low-light performance in most models, there’s almost no chance that you won’t love everything you record.

Accessories Galore

To get the most out of your wearable camcorder, you’ll need a variety of accessories to go with it. Most models come equipped with standard straps and mounting gear that are perfect for getting started. But to take full advantage of all that your camcorder can do, you might want to consider such accessories as a Wi-Fi kit (if your model doesn’t already come equipped with Wi-Fi), an additional battery pack so recording doesn’t have to stop when the batter does, waterproof housing for those incredible underwater scenes.


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