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Tablets to Spice Up your Holiday Gift-Giving

Tablets are perfect for students, on-the-go professionals and as mobile tools suited to virtually any setting, from boardrooms and boutique shops to sailboats and the couch, making them drool-worthy holiday gifts. They’re thin and lightweight for stashing in your bag or purse yet pack enough power for work, play and connecting to your digital world. While they may not replace your much-larger desktop or laptop, they’ll work just as hard as one.

Best Buy is your one-stop shop for the coolest and most popular tablets in the market, as well as cases, screen protectors and other accessories. Enjoy fast, free shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $25, or use the Reserve and Pickup service to get your device on the same day. Tack on a Geek Squad service to your purchase for setup and protection. Before you browse our stores, consider the main operating systems running these agile devices and some valuable tips to guide your tablet gift shopping. The following tips will highlight how to buy a tablet as well as the best tablet types for your loved ones.


The Apple iPad is arguably the most popular tablet to date. It runs the same iOS as the iPhone and iPod, making it easy to share across devices and access a gargantuan collection of apps, games, music and videos.


With a plethora of manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Acer, ASUS, HTC and Dell, an Android tablet truly gives you the freedom to choose. The Android tablet is easy to customize so your interface looks and works exactly the way you want it.

Windows 8

If you’re familiar with the Windows operating system for your computer or laptop, then you’ll love its mobile version. Windows 8 tablets put content right at your fingertips with quick access to the Windows Store, where you’ll find hundreds of apps, and rich support for music streaming, movies and TV shows. Windows tablets can even support demanding programs like Photoshop and other applications commonly found on desktop computers.


1. Know your Audience.

People who already use Apple, Android, Microsoft or BlackBerry devices make shopping straightforward since they’d most likely welcome devices that are easy to navigate and pair easily with ones they already own. If you’re unsure, consider the needs of your gift recipients. Is the tablet meant for mostly entertainment, like watching movies and TV shows at home or while travelling, or more educational pursuits? Will the user do a lot of internet browsing and social media or graphics-focused tasks like gaming and digital artwork?

2. Match the Device to Lifestyle.

Students, jet-setting professionals or multitaskers would appreciate a durable, functional device that also feels great in their hands. This means looking at size, slimness and weight on top of other technical considerations. On the other hand, tech buffs who love the newest and greatest would be more willing to trade convenience for cool features that enrich their technological experience. eReaders tickle the bookworm in all of us, offering thousands of digital content, WiFi connectivity and LCD or electronic ink screens that're easy on the eyes. Artistic types would love graphic tablets with sensitive, multitouch screens, accurate pens and the ability to work with full versions of programs like Photoshop. In this case, a two-in-one or “tablet-first” hybrid laptop may be a more appropriate choice, not only for artistic endeavours but also gaming, because they offer a tablet-like interface with the option to work on a keyboard.

3. Envision the Connected Home.

With the proliferation of wireless devices, it only makes sense for a modern household to invest in gadgets that can “talk” to each other. Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) technologies make this possible, allowing the family to wirelessly share and stream digital content across different devices, as well as access the web. Tablets fit well into a “smart home” setup as they’re equipped with free apps that can connect to your TV, computer, phone and even appliances. Tablets make the perfect family gift!

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