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Tablets: Smaller than a Laptop and Just as Robust

The great thing about a tablet is that it’s lightweight enough to barely make a dent, while giving you the power you need to work, play, and connect. They probably won’t completely replace your much-larger desktop or laptop, but equipped with an Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Android or Windows operating system, they’ll work as hard as one.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is probably the most popular tablet to date. It runs the same iOS as the iPhone and iPod, and gives you access to more apps than any other tablet on the market. And there are plenty to choose from: the iPad mini, the iPad with Retina Display, and the iPad 2.

Android Tablets

With a plethora of manufacturers including Samsung, Sony, Acer, ASUS and many more, an Android tablet truly gives you the freedom to choose. And no matter which one you choose, the Android OS makes it easy to customize so yours looks and works the way you want. It also supports Adobe Flash, so you can access everything online.

Windows 8 Tablets

If you’re familiar with the Windows operating system for your computer or laptop, then you’ll love a Windows 8 tablet. The Microsoft Surface Pro and RT, as well as Acer and ASUS tablets, are all designed to put your content right at your fingertips with quick access to the Windows Store, where you’ll find hundreds of available apps.

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