A Quick Look at Totes & Duffle Bags

Travel totes and duffle bags are great for overnight excursions and day trips. Most bags feature grab handles, so they’re easy to toss into an overhead compartment or into the back seat of your car. Some duffle and tote bags also come with wheels and a telescopic handle that you find on more traditional luggage to help take the strain off your shoulders and back. Best Buy carries plenty of styles from great brands such as Bugatti, Air Canada, Swiss Gear, Atlantic Luggage and Modrec.

Learn More about Totes & Duffle Bags

If you’re planning a flight, a smaller tote or duffle bag might be the perfect carry-on for your needs. You’ll have plenty of room to carry an extra sweater, book, games, important documents and anything else to make your trip more comfortable. However, be sure to check with your airline for carry-on size restrictions before choosing a bag.

Choose a wheeled tote or duffle bag and maneuvering it will be a breeze. Durable wheels offer a smooth ride, while a telescopic handle extends so you can easily pull your bag around as you navigate the airport or train station.

When shopping for the right bag, keep in mind that additional pockets will help make it easy to keep organized. Zippered pockets on the outside make room for last-minute items or those that you’ll want to access often, while inner pockets let you store stuff that you want to keep safe.

Travel totes and duffle bags come in a variety of materials. Polyester and nylon are perhaps the most common types that offer durability and tend to be less expensive than a material such as leather. And although it’s typically more expensive, a leather bag offers an ultra-stylish look, as well as durability.