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Traxxas Leads the Industry in Innovative RC cars, trucks, and boats

Traxxas RC cars, trucks, and boats are perfect for RC enthusiasts of all skill levels. These hobby-grade RC models can rocket to speeds over 100kph, drive over all kinds of terrain, and perform exciting stunts with the greatest of ease. Every Traxxas car comes in Ready-to-Run (RTR) condition, but can also be customized to suit your style. Best Buy has a wide selection of Traxxas models for beginners, expert drivers, and everyone in between.

The Traxxas Difference

Traxxas RC trucks, cars, and boats were built for speed whether you're driving them over land or sea. Right out of the box, most Traxxas vehicles can zoom over 50kph on the street. Upgrade your RC with a more powerful motor and battery, and it will be blazing at speeds over 110kph in the same time it takes you to draw a breath.

Designed to run over pavement, dirt, and rock, Traxxas RCs are incredibly tough. Add in a suite of waterproof electronics and your RC car will be able to zip through rain, mud, and snow. This durability also means Traxxas models can perform all kinds of extreme stunts – from racing around corners at breakneck speeds to sailing off ramps and jumping over obstacles – without breaking a sweat.

Every Traxxas RC car, truck, and boat is RTR out of the box. This means all you have to do is place a charged battery into the already fully assembled Traxxas vehicle and you're instantly ready to race and execute amazing stunts.

It's easy to upgrade every part of your Traxxas RC and there are tons of accessories available for every model. Add in a more powerful battery for even faster speeds or change your servo for even more precise control over your vehicle. It's your Traxxas so create the RC vehicle that fits your personal style and needs.

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