A Quick Look at Tripods

Tripods are three-legged camera stands that offer incomparable stability when taking pictures. All you have to do is attach your DSLR or digital camera to the stand and you’ll be able to take better, blur-free photos in no time. Whether you need stability for taking studio shots or casual group pictures, tripods come in many different sizes to fit your needs. Best Buy has an excellent selection of camera tripods from Manfrotto, Velbon, Joby, SIRUI, Dynex, and more.

Learn More about Tripods

The full-sized tripod is ideal for professional photographers. Usually heavier and able to extend to greater heights, these tripods have adjustable legs as well as heads that can be moved in different directions so you have the freedom to shoot however and wherever you want.

Mini camera tripods are small and lightweight enough to be taken almost anywhere and can even be used on top of a table. These cameras are great for taking close-up pictures or timed self-portraits and group shots.

There are also mini tripods with flexible leg joints that can be bent or rotated into tons of different positions. It serves the same function as a mini camera tripod, but goes one step further by allowing you to wrap it around virtually any object. For example, you can wrap the arms around a tree branch and take photos while you stroll through the park.