A Quick Look at Tripods and Monopods

After you’ve taken one of the greatest vacations of your life, the last thing you want is to have a memory card full of blurry photos. A solid tripod or monopod can reduce the camera movement that often results in shaky shots. You simply mount your DSLR or digital camera to the tripod, set it up at the correct distance, and clear, blur-free photos will be sure to follow. Check out Best Buy’s selection of tripods and monopods from Manfrotto, Velbon, Joby, Sirui, Dynex, Polaroid and more.

Learn More about Tripods and Monopods

A tripod is a three-legged stand that stabilizes your camera and photography equipment. It has a mounting head that usually attaches to the bottom of a digital camera or DSLR. Depending on their size, tripods can be used for everything from self-portraits to wedding photography.

On the other hand, a monopod is a one-legged stand that is ideal for action or outdoor photography. It offers an extra bit of stability that definitely makes a big difference in the clarity of your shots. These stands are lightweight and simple to use, so you can be ready to get that winning picture at a moment’s notice.

When choosing a camera tripod, you’ll want to take note of the different heights that the stand can achieve. Don’t just look at how tall the stand is when it’s open to its maximum height. You’ll also want to note how large it is when it’s folded, since you’ll likely be carrying it around to different locations and a stand that’s too large can become cumbersome to travel with.

Be sure to also open up the tripod’s legs to see how stable it is when fully extended. If you can, bring your camera along and attach it to the tripod. Check if the stand is able to carry the weight of your camera without wobbling or falling over.