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Assign floor cleaning duties to the iRobot Roomba and iRobot Scooba

by Shelly_Wutke from 08-13-2014

irobot-scooba.jpgWhat’s round, black, and the star of Youtube videos involving cats? If you guess the iRobot Roomba, you are absolutely right and have probably watched your fair share of cute kitties strapped down and spinning around on the floor. But just using the iRobot to entertain your friends would really be missing the point of what this vacuum can accomplish.


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Back to school – Here’s the top 5 small kitchen appliances to take to your dorm

by Shelly_Wutke from 07-21-2014

dorm-room.jpgWhen I first went off to University, I was pretty surprised at what I didn’t know about living away from home. You know all of those ‘little things’ you get used to having in your kitchen? You have to, for the most part, live without them or stock them yourself. And because dorm rooms are shared and you don’t generally have a kitchen right in your suite of rooms, you have to really pick and choose from all of the kitchen essentials you’re used to having.


If you’re squeezed on space and aren’t quite sure what you’ll really miss from your kitchen at home, here are my top 5 picks for kitchen appliances you need to take to your dorm.


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Get squeaky clean dishes every time with Bosch dishwashers!

by lwoodhead from 07-10-2014

Bosch-dishwasher.jpgAs a part of their appliance expansion, Best Buy is now offering a selection of Bosch dishwashers! 

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Floors So Clean They’ll Sparkle

Whether you have hardwood, linoleum, carpet or rugs in your home, keeping flooring clean can be a chore. But with the right tools, like an upright by Dyson, even vacuuming can be fun. Depending on your floor and cleaning needs, a canister vacuum, upright vacuum, handheld vacuum, steam cleaner or robot cleaner from Best Buy will let you suck up dirt, dust, and pet hair to keep your living space clean and allergen-free.

Upright Vacuums
These single-piece units are tall, heavy-duty vacuums that manoeuvre on wheels or casters. Perfect for homes with lots of carpeting, upright vacuums have long cords, making it easy to vacuum large areas without having to constantly switch electrical outlets. Some models have a detachable hose or extension wand for added versatility.

Canister Vacuums 
Canister vacuums are great for homes with both carpeted and bare floors. Generally more lightweight than upright vacuums, canister vacuums make reaching tight spots and under furniture a breeze, and with additional accessories like a bristle head for carpets, extension wands and dusting brushes they’re versatile medium to heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

Steam Cleaners 
Steam cleaners let you sanitize the surfaces of your home using steam to loosen and lift dirt and residue from hard floors. Some models are dual function and can also steam clean carpets for complete flooring sanitation.

Robot Cleaners
Self-propelled cleaners that will move around your home to vacuum your floors, robot vacuums like the roomba automatically return to their bases when they need to recharge. They’ll avoid stairs, and have sensors that help them avoid bumping into your furniture. The best possibly answer to the “whose turn is it to vacuum” debate.
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