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Good Health Starts Within

Whether you strengthen your bones with calcium or boost your immunity with Vitamin C, the right vitamins and antioxidants will help nourish your body.




Boost your Health with Vitamins and Antioxidants

If you’re too busy to eat properly or can’t cut your cravings for junk food, you may not be getting enough essential vitamins and minerals from your diet. While healthy foods provide a natural source of vitamins, taking supplements can help boost your intake too. Best Buy has a large selection of vitamins, antioxidants and calcium from Organika and Westcoast Naturals to help maintain your health.

The ABCs of Vitamins

Your body needs 13 key vitamins, including, A, B, C and D, for important aspects of daily health. Vitamin A contributes to healthy bones, teeth and skin, while vitamin B12 helps regulate metabolism and form red blood cells. Vitamin C is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system, and vitamin D contributes to strong teeth and bones. While you can get your intake of vitamins from food, a supplement is useful when your diet lacks essential vitamins and nutrients.

Build Stronger Bones with Calcium

Calcium is essential for strong and healthy bones. A child needs calcium for bone development and growth, while an adult needs it to maintain bone mass and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Although calcium is found naturally in foods such as dairy products, a supplement is an option if your diet lacks the recommended daily amount. Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium, so it’s sometimes added to calcium supplements for optimal effectiveness.

Fight Free Radicals with Antioxidants

Antioxidants can help prevent cell damage and fight the effects of free radicals, unstable molecules that can lead to disease and aging. Antioxidants are found naturally in foods such as broccoli, berries and green tea, but can also be taken as supplements. With antioxidant supplements such as acai berry, green tea extract and grape seed extract, you can complement your diet and boost your health and wellness.

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