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Mom & Dad Resources

Car Seats Buying Guide

When it comes to driving with children, safety is everything. Transport Canada outlines the provincial and territorial regulations for car and booster seats, so you can be sure that your child travels as safely as possible in your vehicle.

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Breast Pumps Buying Guide

Parenting a newborn is a busy and beautiful time, but nourishing hungry little ones on demand can be a challenge. Busy or working Moms can’t always be around at feeding time and breasts may hit their capacity when babies are at home with Dad, Grandma or a sitter.

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Nursery Furniture Buying Guide

Before you welcome your little bundle of joy to the world, you’ll need to set up a nursery. This will be the place for late-night feeds, countless diaper changes, dress-up time, and of course, sleeping, so make sure the space is comfy and safe for both you and baby.

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Diapers to Toilets Buying Guide

While most parents think about potty training between 18 and 36 months, most children start between the ages of about two to two-and-a-half. However, it’s different for every child and communication is key.

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Baby Monitors Buying Guide

A baby monitor works like an extra pair of ears and eyes to help you keep track of your little one while you’re out of the nursery. Discover all you need to know about baby monitors so you can make an educated choice that will fit your family’s needs.

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Baby Bottles Buying Guide

Feeding your new baby should be an enjoyable bonding experience, but with so many bottle choices available, it’s hard to know where to begin. Read on to learn about all your bottle-feeding options so you can decide what’s right for you and your little one.

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Gliders & Rockers Buying Guide

When your baby wakes up at 3 a.m., the last thing you’re going to want to do is pace back and forth with your child in your arms until the little one finally goes back to sleep. A glider or rocker can be a godsend for tired parents, offering a comfortable and safe space to help you soothe baby back to sleep and for late-night feedings.

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Strollers Buying Guide

Strollers are an absolute must if you plan to ever leave the house with your baby. Even though carrying your baby can do wonders for your bond, after a few months, your little bundle of joy may start feeling more like a heavy – but cute – sack of flour.

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Life is made up of little moments. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but it never applies more than when it comes to kids. I can’t quite imagine bringing up my kids and not taking a photo of them almost every single day, because time flies, moments pass, and they change right before my eyes.

But since the iPhone came around, I’ve managed to capture the majority of my photos and some videos on my phone. I haven’t gone so far as to snap any on my iPad, but the thought has crossed my mind in a pinch. This is a weird thing for me, because before I had kids I had an old school SLR film camera and I took it with me absolutely everywhere I’d go. When I had the kids, life became crazy and things went digital, so it was packed away. But I missed the experience of trying to capture the best photo. Snapping one on the smartphone just doesn’t have the same kick.

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Hottest new baby gear for 2014

Ask any mom-to-be or new mom and she'll tell you that shopping for baby gear is seriously exciting. You can just picture what your new bundle of joy will look like while sleeping in his or her new crib, cuddled up into their new car seat, or how baby will enjoy their stroller.

Just like the top technology changes from year to year, so does baby gear. The latest baby gear includes the safest new car seats, Wi-FI baby monitors, and the coziest baby carriers. Here's a look at the hot new baby gear for 2014:

Stream your baby straight to your smartphone
When I had my first baby I dreamt of having a video baby monitor. When I finally got one it had surveillance sized camera and a screen the size of a small TV. Portable and easy to use it was not.

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Whether you're expecting your first baby or already have a two-year-old, you'll need the right gear for your little one. From the perfect toys for playtime to a safe car seat for journeys on the road, the list of things you'll need will constantly evolve as your baby grows. Best Buy has a wide selection of strollers, car seats, nursery essentials, baby monitors and other baby products from trusted brands like Evenflo, VTech, Stork Craft and Safety 1st to make you and your baby's life happy, safe and comfortable.

Showing Baby the World

Car seats and strollers are must-haves for taking your baby on road trips and showing her the world. Car seats come in different varieties to fit your growing child, including infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats. Features such as safety harnesses, sun canopies and cushioned seats keep your little one safe and comfortable on the road. For carting your baby around the neighbourhood, shopping centre or park, there is an array of strollers to fit your needs. Many strollers are convertible as your baby grows and some strollers come with a compatible car seat.

A Safe Sanctuary for Baby

Your baby will spend a great deal of time in her nursery, and there's plenty you can do to make it safe and comfortable for both you and your angel. A safe crib with a firm mattress will help your baby drift off into dreamland, while a glider will give you a comfy place for snuggling, nursing and feeding your baby. A baby monitor gives you an extra eye when you're not in the nursery, and a changing table will make diaper duty easier.

Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for a baby shower gift for a friend or relative? Best Buy has a huge selection of baby products that are perfect for gift-giving. Expectant parents will be thrilled to receive a baby gift basket, toys, baby clothes, nursery décor, baby monitor or other thoughtfully chosen gift.