Waterproof Cameras & Underwater Cameras

Dive into exciting new territories with a waterproof camera.

You’ve probably seen them by now; underwater cameras are all the rage. Dubbed by some as the ‘action camera’, waterproof cameras can be taken on underwater adventures like scuba diving and surfing and give you peace of mind using them around the backyard pool or beach. Often when we travel, we encounter unwanted and unexpected weather. However, with a waterproof camera, you can still document your trip and take great shots in the rain without risking damage to your camera.

Since most waterproof cameras are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are usually built to be shockproof, freeze proof, and dust proof. While they are typically built tough, they still take incredible photos. They have many of the same features as regular digital camera such as shadow adjustment, pre-set red eye correction, image stabilizers, and a variety of shooting modes. These smart modes also help you take super crisp underwater images with your waterproof camera. You’ll not only remember the smile your daughter had as a clown fish swam by her, but you’ll also capture every scale, fin and detail of that clown fish as well.

The layouts of underwater cameras are designed to be easy to use. They usually have more pronounced control keys so they can be accessed easily while wearing gloves or diving equipment. Most have built in flashes, zooms, and produce high-resolution images. When you’d prefer to have your hands free for swimming, a helmet camera or dive mask with a built-in waterproof camera is ideal. Simply put the camera on and hit easy-to-access buttons when you want to take a picture or record video.