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Get Connected Anytime, Anywhere without Connecting a Single Cable

When you want to be able to jam to your tunes out loud and turn anywhere into an instant party, then you need wireless or Bluetooth speakers. iHome, Bose, Jawbone, Logitech, Panasonic and more great brands offer smart, stylish speakers that you can wirelessly connect to and hear every sound with rich, crisp clarity. And the best part? Most models are small enough and light enough to go with you everywhere.

Go Big and Go Wireless

Most devices like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop feature wireless Bluetooth technology. That means when you pair it with wireless speakers, you’ll be able to stream your playlists right to the speakers without the restriction of a cable. Some models are also compatible with proprietary technologies like Apple’s AirPlay, so all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you can stream your audio from an iOS device and enjoy big, bold sound.

Big Sound from a Small Package

One of the best things about wireless and Bluetooth speakers is their size. As you begin to shop for the one that’s right for you, you’ll quickly discover that despite most models being compact enough to travel anywhere, most are also loaded with some seriously advanced sound technologies and powerful drivers so you get a whole lotta sound from stereo speakers that are small enough to go camping, to the beach, or simply from room to room.

Connect to Everything and Everyone

Not only do some speaker models give you the power to stream wirelessly, but many give you the freedom to chat hands-free or get connected to non-wireless devices. If you plan to use your smartphone, you might want to choose Bluetooth speakers that support hands-free (HSF) chat so whenever a call comes in, the music will pause letting you take the call with the crystal clarity of built-in mics. And when you want to listen to tunes from another audio device, look for speakers with a 3.5mm jack.