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Review: D-Link Wireless AC Dual Band Range Extender (DAP-1520)

by BradMoon from 04-15-2014

Dlink preview.jpgWi-Fi is the greatest thing since sliced bread —so long as everything is working the way it should. No ethernet cables strung all around the house (I remember those days) and the ability to use a Wi-Fi enabled device anywhere. At least that’s the promise. The reality is many homes have zones where Wi-Fi is dead or very slow. Building materials like concrete, ceramic and metal can block Wi-Fi signals and decorative items like glass mirrors can deflect them. While one approach to improving Wi-Fi coverage for your home or small business is to install a newer, more powerful router, you can often get just as much of an improvement for a lot less money and fuss by installing a range extender. In this review, I look at the latest such device from D-Link, the DAP-1520 Wireless AC Dual Band Range Extender.

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D-Link: Stay connected to what matters

D-Link helps you create, expand, and enhance your network with easy to use, high-performance products. Backed by years of experience satisfying the networking needs of Canadians from coast to coast, they provide network solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements. From high-performance routers and switches to range extenders and network attached storage devices, they deliver the tools you need to unleash the potential of your network.

Networking Essentials

No network would be complete without a reliable router, and when it’s time to create or upgrade your home network, you can trust D-Link as Canada’s leader in home networking. Your router is the centre of your home network that lets you connect to and share the internet with all the devices in your home. If you need more ports to connect your web-ready devices, D-Link network switches meet this demand, with switches ranging from 5-ports and up with Ethernet or Gigabit connectivity.

Upgrade your options

If you want to boost the performance of your network to make it stronger with improved coverage, D-Link has the tools you need. A D-Link range extender enhances your wireless router signal to help eliminate weak signals and wireless dead zones that can seriously slow down your productivity. You can also boost your network’s speed and efficiency with D-Link PowerLine adapters, which provide the speed and stability of a wired Ethernet connection without the wires. It uses your existing electrical wiring to quickly transfer data across your network to virtually any power outlet in your home.

Enhance your network

D-Link has the product know-how to help you do more with your network. mydlink Network Cloud Cameras provide total surveillance so you can monitor your home, children, pets, and property from a remote location. You can take advantage of versatile features like remote viewing on your smart phone, night vision, two-way audio, on-board recording and more. Network attached storage devices connect to your home network so you can store, manage, and stream your digital content to all your connected devices from one location. It’s perfect for streaming your favourite music or movies, or for accessing important files from a remote location.

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