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Review: Denon HEOS Wireless Speakers – Smooth and Powerful!

by hootie from 08-09-2014

Denon makes some of the best mid-range electronics on the market. I particularly like their gear because it isn’t overly pricey but yet is extremely well engineered to sound great and is built to last. I have had Denon in my home for a long time and it has proven to be excellent value. Now I am thrilled to see that they have come out with a new wireless speaker system, Denon HEOS. I recently got my hands on all three Denon wireless speakers to test them out and I loved everything about them – the look, the features, the quality, and most importantly the sound.

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Denon Music Maniac AH-D600 Headphone Review

by chckn8r from 07-30-2014

I wouldn’t consider these headphones to have a flat frequency response, but they’re a lot closer to being that than a pair of Beats.  These headphones are tuned to enjoy listening to music. I wouldn’t use them to mix or critically listen to audio, but I did like what I heard from the AH-D600s.  The sound was full and rich – very pleasant to listen to at a wide variety of volume levels. 

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About Denon

Experience the Difference of Denon

For over 100 years, Denon has been crafting exceptional home theater products that transform ordinary TV set ups into amazing cinematic experiences. A lot of thought also goes into the creation of their audio products, so you get a truly immersive soundscape whether you’re listening to a powerful AV receiver or high quality headphones. With Denon, you can always count on innovative engineering, precision craftsmanship, and impeccable performance going into every single product.

Optimum Sound

Denon AV receivers are renowned for their exceptional quality. They pump megawatts of power into each connected channel and subwoofer, so you can get a surround sound system that fills your room with every beat of your music and word from your movie. Using only the best audio technologies and high resolution audio formats, you can always expect an immersive, dynamic, and balanced sound experience in every room of your home.

Unbelievable Visuals

Decades of innovation and engineering excellence have gone into every single Denon receiver to ensure that you get nothing but the best in video processing. Not only do these components support HD and Full HD video, but many of them also come with 3D pass-through so you can enjoy all your 3D entertainment. You’ll see all your movies, TV shows, sports, and more in incredibly vivid, bright and lifelike clarity.

Endless Connectivity Options

With multiple HDMI inputs, you’ll be able to connect your HDTV, favourite gaming console, Blu-ray player, and more to one AV receiver. Use the front-facing USB port to enjoy music and movies straight off your Apple and Android smartphones and tablets or an MP3 player. Connect to a network and you can listen to Internet radio and play audio files. Some receivers even have DLNA certification so you can wirelessly stream audio files from other DLNA devices.

The Denon Family

Pair up your Denon receiver with a Blu-ray player and you’ll have the ultimate high definition home theatre system. Denon also creates the best headphones for rocking out to your tunes. Each one is acoustically tuned to provide crystal clear music, deep bass, and sparkling highs while keeping out external noise and providing you with an amazingly comfortable fit. Denon’s line of iPod speaker docks even turns your Apple device into a portable boom box, delivering impeccable sound wherever you go. offers fast FREE shipping on Denon products like AV receivers and home theater systems, so you can enjoy your entertainment like never before.