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Dynex 60" 1080p 120hz LED HDTV (DX-60D260A13) - Affordable Quality in a BIG Screen

by hootie from 04-23-2013

I recently talked about making sure your home entertainment system is ready for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where bigger is better and this Dynex 60” 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV is definitely an easy and economical way to go big. It is very reasonably priced, offers excellent performance, solid basic features all in an impressive big screen. Although Dynex isn’t the big brand name of it’s competitors, it is able to deliver a quality product and keep the price down because it doesn’t have to spend the same kind of money to support their brand.

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Dynex : HDTVs and personal electronics for the practical, budget-conscious customer

Dynex produces HDTVs and other must-have consumer electronics that fit your entertainment needs and your budget. Don’t sacrifice quality or reliability when you’re looking for affordable electronics; from big-screen HDTVs to cell phone accessories, Dynex delivers the products you want at ultra-competitive price points.

Dynex Televisions and Home Theatre

If you want to enjoy high definition entertainment without the high price tag, Dynex has an HDTV that’s right for you. Whether you need a 32-inch HDTV for your bedroom or a 40-inch HDTV for your living room, Dynex offers a range of LCD HDTVs with all the high-definition features you want. Designed with the value-conscious consumer in mind, you won’t have to pay extra for overly complex features you won’t even use. You can also complete your cost-effective home entertainment experience by picking up a Dynex Blu-ray player to enjoy high-definition movies.

Dynex AV cables, electronics accessories, and more

Dynex also produces a wide assortment of devices and accessories. Make the most of your digital camera with digital camera accessories like digital picture frames, tripods, and card readers. Dynex also makes a variety of audio and video cables to optimize your home entertainment system. A Dynex TV stand or wall mount provides the perfect position for your flat screen television, so you can set up your entertainment room just the way you want. Dynex also produces protective cases for your smartphone, so you can keep your valuable device safe without breaking the bank.

Dynex Value

Because Dynex is an exclusive Best Buy brand, you’ll enjoy unmatched savings. Designed and tested to meet tough standards, Dynex products are built to last so you can enjoy your high-quality HDTVs and personal electronics for years to come. Now you don’t need to compromise your budget to experience all that today’s technology has to offer.