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The Fender Bassbreaker 007 is tube might in a small package.

by FearKeyserSoze from 03-22-2016

When it comes to inviting grit and warmth in your tube amplifier, the Fender Bassbreaker 007 proves that size isn’t everything.

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Fender pays homage to a legend with its Hendrix Stratocaster [VIDEO]

by FearKeyserSoze from 02-16-2016

Fender-hendrix-stratocaster-sq.jpgIt never hurts to model a new guitar offering after a classic played by one of the instrument’s greatest heroes. And so it is with Fender’s new Hendrix Stratocaster. Based on the guitar used by the game changing innovator of the six-string, this may just be the Fender you’ve always been waiting for.

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A Fender or Squier guitar for everyone

Since 1946, Fender has been a powerhouse name in rock and roll, renowned for manufacturing high-quality, great-sounding guitars and amplifiers. At the forefront of this iconic brand are the Fender Telecaster and Fender Stratocaster electric guitars. These guitars have become staples to professional musicians around the world due to their distinctive tones and personalities. In 1965, Fender acquired the V.C Squier Company and later developed it as their “value brand”, offering beginners and hobbyists an affordable way to play a Fender guitar. For any skill level and musical taste, there’s a Fender and Squier guitar for everyone.

Fender telecaster

The Telecaster is Fender’s original guitar, and the world’s first successful solid-body electric guitar. This elegantly simple instrument revolutionized the music industry as it produced beautiful sounds that had not been heard before. It is a true workhorse and beloved by musicians everywhere.

Fender stratocaster

The Stratocaster guitar is revered for being the quintessential electric guitar in rock and rock, earning its reputation with its iconic look, unique sounds, and versatile features. It is responsible for some of the most memorable riffs in music history. Even to those not in the know, they have undoubtedly heard the name Fender Stratocaster.

Uncompromising quality

There is a reason why Fender guitars have been heard on history’s biggest recordings and played by the world’s most influential artists. They offer uncompromising quality, great tone, and versatile features. While remaining true to their Californian roots, Fender has been using many of the same machinery from the original factory. The wood for the neck and bodies is carefully selected to produce a unique sound, and each precision-crafted tuning peg, pickup, and string is tested to ensure quality before it leaves the factory. With a solid reputation behind them for nearly 70 years, Fender has become synonymous with producing some of the finest music products in the world.

Everything you need

Explore your creativity and self-expression with a sleek and comfortable guitar that commands attention. The innovative contours are designed to fit against your body allowing you to shred for hours without chaffing your arm and ribs. From comfortable straps, quality strings, powerful amplifiers, and more, Fender offers everything you need to complete your playing experience. With a wealth of accessories, you can keep your Fender or Squier guitar in pristine condition – all with great quality, style, and value.