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Record all the thrills and spills with GoPro HD cameras

GoPro HD Cameras

Go Extreme with GoPro Cameras

After a surfing trip to Australia in 2002, Nick Woodman was inspired to create a camera that would capture the kind of action shots he just couldn’t get with his regular camera. His creation – the GoPro HD camera – is small, mountable, and designed to survive your most extreme adventures. These game-changing video cameras are waterproof, shockproof, and spill-proof. Each camera is compatible with all GoPro mounts so you can attach yours to your body, gear, vehicles and more.

GoPro HERO3+: Black and Silver Editions

Smaller and lighter than their best-selling predecessors, the GoPro HERO3+ has learned a few new tricks. A 30% longer battery life will keep you going long after the lights have gone down, while better video quality with less noise and the sharpest details imaginable make every epic spill look amazing. Upgrade to the Black Edition and discover the new SuperView™ video and Auto Low Light modes which give you a bigger wide-angle perspective with better low-light performance.

GoPro HERO3: White, Black and Silver Editions

Small, lightweight and incredibly powerful, the GoPro HERO3 HD shoots stunning Full HD videos and features a rugged waterproof housing, so you can take it for a swim without worry. Each edition is loaded with the power to capture amazing images with burst shooting, ensuring you never miss a spontaneous moment. Plus, built-in WiFi gives you total control using the WiFi remote.

The WiFi Remote and GoPro App

Every GoPro HERO camera is equipped with WiFi for easy connection to the WiFi Remote. It comes included with the Black Editions, but you can add it to the other cameras and use it to control up to 50 WiFi-enabled GoPros from up to 600 feet away. Download the GoPro app and you’ll be able to preview, play back and share all the thrills and spills of every moment, as well as wirelessly update your GoPro’s software.