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Great value! The Insignia 24” LED TV

Great value! The Insignia 24” LED TV

With a Full HD resolution and advanced specs, the Insignia 24” NS24E340A13 LED TV will make a big impact on your entertainment but not on your wallet.

Highest Rated TVs for 2014 (so far!)

by hootie from 06-28-2014

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As a person who regularly reviews products, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of reviews. And I don’t mean my reviews, but from consumers that have bought the product, used it for a while and discovered the nuances about it, both good and bad. I would never buy a product unless I read quite a number of reviews about it as nothing can replace that user experience and associated perspective. So what I thought I would do is provide you a summary of what I found to the be top 5 best rated TVs, purely based on customer ratings and share some of their reviews.

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Insignia. Uncommon Sense.

Insignia: HDTVs, Home Theatre Cables, Portable Audio and Computer Accessories

Insignia is committed to producing high-quality, reliable electronics at accessible price points. This «Uncommon Sense» philosophy means you get the most out of technology that is specially designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

Exclusive to Best Buy, Insignia specializes in HDTVs, portable audio, computer accessories and other personal electronics that make your life easier and more fun. Thanks to Best Buy’s years of experience as a national electronics retailer, Insignia has the knowledge and feedback necessary to meet the exacting demands of its customers.

Insignia Flat Screen Televisions

Insignia offers a diverse range of high-definition, flat screen televisions that suit every need and budget. All their LED and LCD TVs boast a slim, modern design and convenient, user-friendly features. They have a wide selection of different sizes, so your needs will be covered whether you want a 55” Full HD television for an at-home cinematic experience or a compact 19” flat screen TV for your small apartment.

All their televisions come with Geek Squad installation and support, so it’s easier than ever to get the home theatre system you’ve been waiting for. Their HDTVs boast unique features to simplify your home electronics. Mobile High-Definition Link interface uses a single cable to send the highest-quality video and sound to your HDTV and home theatre system. Several of their flat screen TVs are compatible with an optional wall-mounting kit, so you can save space in your living area and design your home the way you want.

Insignia Portable Speakers, Audio Docks, and Radios

Insignia offers more than just TVs. If you want to enjoy your favourite music wherever you are, look no further than Insignia’s wide range of docks, speakers, and portable radios. Get the most out of your iPod or mp3 player with a portable speaker cases or an all-in-one boom box dock that keeps your music mobile.

Insignia Computer Accessories and Digital Photo Frames

Insignia also produces a range of personal electronics for your computer to enhance your listening experience. Upgrade the sound on your desktop and laptop with peripheral speakers, including USB sound bars, compact two-piece speakers or more powerful 3-piece stereo speaker systems. Insignia also produces affordable digital picture frames, taking your favourite photos out of your computer and putting them on display in your home so everyone can enjoy them.