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Kobo Aura H2O Overview

Kobo Aura H2O Overview

Kobo Aura H2O resists water, sand and dust so you can read no matter where life takes you, and even well into the night with the built-in front light.

Take your eBooks everywhere with the free Kobo app

by TeddyK from 06-12-2015

Being ubiquitous has its advantages, and like music, photos and video, it’s just as easy to take a library of your own books wherever you go, too. Kobo has its line of eReaders, but it also has a dedicated app that brings the experience of reading, browsing and downloading new books to a number of devices and platforms. It’s a free app that aims to appeal to those who like to read on their smartphones and tablets.

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Kobo’s full service eReading experience is designed by booklovers, for booklovers. With instant access to over 4 million of the world’s best eBooks and magazines, easy-to-use eReaders and a free reading app, you can read anywhere, on any device. Plus, you can give your young Readers a jump start on their road to reading with nearly 100,000 titles to choose from in Kobo's safe, dedicated and award-winning Kids' Store.

Discover the Personalization and Comfort of Kobo eReaders

Kobo eReaders are easy to use and add comfort, convenience and customization to your reading experience. With a book-like screen that reads like print on paper and a built-in fully adjustable ComfortLight*, you’ll be able to read comfortably day or night. Kobo eReaders are lighter than a hardcover book and let you store thousands of eBooks. Take your entire library on vacation or wherever you go and switch between eBooks easily for a simpler, more convenient way to read. Plus, with up to 2 months of battery life, you can read an entire eBook on a single charge and enjoy the freedom of leaving your charger behind. You’ll also love our exclusive Reading Life™ experience that allows you to organize your eBook collection, share what you’re reading, discover new titles and so much more.

*ComfortLight available on select eReaders

Read Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device with the Free Kobo App

With the free Kobo App, you can access Kobo’s 24/7 eBookstore with over 4 million titles and read them on your tablet, smartphone or desktop. You can even switch back and forth between devices and never lose your spot with synced bookmarks. Discovering your next great read is easy with the Kobo App. Get personalized recommendations, free previews or simply browse the Kobo eBookstore to find what’s perfect for you.