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LEGO and Star Wars Collide

LEGO and Star Wars Collide

LEGO® is going intergalactic and colliding with the Star Wars™ universe with the LEGO® Star Wars™ collection. Every fan in the galaxy can relive the classic movies with a huge selection of LEGO® Star Wars™ sets with characters and vehicles such as the Millennium Falcon™ and Darth Maul Sith Infiltrator™. They’re designed to look just as they did in the movies and offer hours of fun for kids and adults who love to build with LEGO®. Relive every epic battle with real moving parts, finely crafted details, and minifigures such as Han Solo™, Luke Skywalker™, and more.

Hottest LEGO Sets of 2015

by Steven_Hill from 12-11-2015

LEGO is one of those rare toys that’s never gone out of style for generation after generation, and in fact, the little coloured building blocks’ popularity seems to have exploded even more in recent years, thanks to associated movies, video games and related products. But it always comes down to the pure joy kids get from creating cool things out of those LEGOs, and there are a ba-zillion sets from which to choose, ranging from super hero and sci-fi packs, to Disney Princesses, Star Wars and beyond. But, to save you some shopping time this holiday season, we’re giving you a glimpse at some of the hottest LEGO sets of 2015.

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LEGO® Sets are Fun for All Ages

The LEGO® Group is more than a company that manufactures plastic interlocking bricks, they also produce the building blocks of imagination, creativity, and fun. Established in 1932, The LEGO® Group has been helping people of all ages develop their imagination in ways that very few toys can. When you watch your imagination take form, you’re creating something more than just a toy, you’re creating a pathway to limitless potential.

LEGO® Signature Lines

Did Greedo shoot first? Technically, no, but with your very own LEGO® Star Wars™ set, you can re-enact your favourite scenes the way you want. Or perhaps you want to go into stealth mode and see how an epic battle with ninjas plays out. The LEGO® Ninjago sets enable you to don your cloak and dagger and get in on the action. With a wide variety of LEGO® themes available, boundless possibilities await in every set.

LEGO® Bricks & More

With LEGO® Bricks & More sets, you are provided with a hodgepodge of interchangeable bricks that can be combined to create works of art, games, and more. What is that ‘more’ we speak of? That’s up to you. Unlock the potential within and amaze yourself while having fun at the same time.


LEGO® DUPLO is perfect for younger kids with small fingers and big imaginations. The LEGO® bricks are slightly larger so that your child can develop advanced building skills. By allowing them to create amazing models and structures, LEGO® DUPLO will stimulate their minds.