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LG IPS 4K Luxury Class TV Overview

LG IPS 4K Luxury Class TV Overview

LG’s IPS 4K Luxury Class TVs combine 4K resolution with IPS panel technology to deliver crystal-clear picture that’s 400% the detail of Full HD.

LG Smart TV with webOS Overview

LG Smart TV with webOS Overview

LG’s Smart TVs with webOS make it easy to set up and navigate Smart TV features. Use the LG Magic Motion Remote with Voice as a universal remote.



From the surreal, life-like picture to the elegant, curved design, just turn on the LG OLED TV and you'll instantly see why so many people are mesmerized by it.

Review: NEW LG OLED TV 55EG9200 – the first OLED TV with 4K is Fantastic!

by hootie from 11-11-2015

LG 55EG9200 OLED Perfect Colour.jpgIt used to be that if you want a fantastic TV picture you would either need to get an OLED TV or a 4K UHD LED TV. Now LG has brought out the first OLED set that also has 4K Ultra High Definition. The result is nothing short of fantastic!

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LG's NEW LF Series for 2015 - Smaller sets for those smaller rooms.

by hootie from 05-18-2015

LG LF5400.jpgI love it when new TVs come out as the technology just keeps improving. The value for the dollar keeps getting better, even if the new TVs aren’t a big step up in features and technology. LG just introduced a new line of TVs for 2015, the LF Series, that I had a chance to get a closer look at even though I wasn’t able to test them out. Two of them were 32” models and the other comes in a 43” and 49” sizes. LG’s LF series, at least so far, are smaller sets than I am used to seeing being introduced.

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Review: NEW LG 65” 4K UHD Smart TVs – UF8500 and UF9500

by hootie from 03-29-2015

LG UF9500 4K UHD TV.jpg



At CES earlier this year, quantum dot technology was touted a big thing in TV technology for 2015. Although quantum dot TV technology has been around for a few years, it hasn’t really been produced in TVs yet. LG is about to release a couple of new 4K UHD models, one of which is a quantum dot TV. What was great is that I got to test them out side-by-side and see the difference this makes. Both models were excellent sets with extremely clear pictures as you would expect with 4K sets, but the UF9500 with quantum dot technology did have better colour.

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Create the Best home Theatre room like a pro using LG

by hootie from 02-08-2015

LG Home Entertainment System.jpg 


LG has some of the best value TV and home theatre components you will find because their brand perception isn’t as strong as their competitors, but the quality of their equipment is. Because of this, they have to price a bit more aggressively even though their products are as good or better. So if you are looking at a new home theatre system picking all LG components is a great way to go – good quality, lots of features, and good value.

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Audio & Video

Review: LG G4

by TeddyK from 05-28-2015

LG-G4-main.jpgLG has proven that it can manufacture a really good smartphone, much like it already did with devices like the Nexus 5 and G3. Last year’s G3 made considerable improvements on the software side of things, improving the user experience in tangible ways, yet it still didn’t go far enough in standing out from the crowded Android pack. The G4 deviates little from an overall design standpoint, but offers an excellent camera upgrade and simpler software for a compelling contender.

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Community Discussion

IPS vs LCD — step up to the latest monitor

by BradMoon from 10-30-2013

IPS Preview.jpgWhen you use a computer every day, a huge part of your experience is visual. Having a PC that’s not quite as powerful as the latest machines or an Internet connection that’s a bit slow can be annoying, but few things are worse than having to stare all day at a poor quality monitor. Of all a computer’s components, that monitor tends to stick around the longest, too. So if you find yourself in the position of buying a new computer display, do yourself a favour and upgrade to an IPS monitor. Looking at the two side by side, there’s no comparison between IPS vs LCD. Your viewing experience will be significantly better with IPS, particularly when it comes to viewing angles and colour reproduction. Invest in IPS and you won’t cringe at the thought of using that monitor on your next computer too.

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LG Appliances Overview

LG Appliances Overview

Allow LG’s team of amazing home appliances be your new household heroes! They are the perfect marriage of stylish quality & innovation!

LG 3570 Laundry Pair Overview

LG 3570 Laundry Pair Overview

The LG WM3570HVA washer and DLEX3570V dryer are designed with innovative features that’ll make your laundry experience faster and better.

Choose a new range from LG Canada

by ShelaghM from 05-26-2014

LG Self-Clean Smooth Top Slide-in Range LSE3090ST.jpgThere are a lot of choices out there when it comes to shopping for a new kitchen range.


Whether you're  looking for electric or gas, you're a sophisticated chef or simple cook, or you’ve got a large or small budget, LG Canada has got the ranges to suit your kitchen.

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LG Electronics Makes Life Good

LG is dedicated to making life even better with their wide range of innovative and beautifully designed products. Whether you’re watching your favourite show on an LG TV or using the LG Optimus One smartphone to stay connected on the go, every LG product is built to intelligently and efficiently enhance your life and lifestyle.

LG TV’s and Home Theatre Systems

From LG plasma TV’s to LED televisions, LG ensures that you always get amazingly crisp and detailed pictures. Cinema 3D takes this quality to the next level with bright, richly coloured Full HD 3D pictures that leap off the screen. These LG televisions can even convert 2D content into larger-than-life 3D!

With an LG Smart TV, you’ll never run out of home entertainment options; download apps, stream movies and TV shows, and connect to your favourite social networks. Complete your smarter experience with a Full HD 3D Blu-ray player that can connect to the web, stream movies, and more.

Make the Call with LG Mobile Phones

No matter where you go, LG phones will ensure that you stay connected to the people and news that matter most to you. A smartphone like the LG Optimus phones puts the world at your fingertips with features like the powerful Android operating system, speedy web browsing, high resolution cameras and your favourite Google apps.

Tackle Your Digital Tasks with LG Monitors

LG computer monitors boast razor sharp resolutions, bright LED displays, and true-to-life colours that bring your digital tasks to life from any angle. Whether you’re watching an HD movie or playing an intense PC game, all your digital entertainment will be even more amazing and realistic with an LG 3D monitor.

LG Appliances for Your Home

Keep your home looking good with an LG vacuum that takes care of dirt and dust in a snap. LG canister vacuums are thoughtfully designed with options like powerful Dual Force suction, smooth gliding wheels, and HEPA filters for an allergen-free home.

An LG upright vacuum offers ergonomic features that make cleaning your space more comfortable and efficient. Many models have telescopic handles that can be adjusted to the right height for your body, while the powerful Drive Steering System manoeuvres the vacuum around your room with just a flick of your wrist.