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Over 225M visits to per year and growing rapidly

99% brand awareness with strong national TV, radio, and social media presence, plus our flyer reaches over 70% of all Canadian households

Established and convenient online shopping experience trusted by millions of Canadians

Easy Set-Up with Best Buy MarketplaceTM

  1. Powerful platform to add your products online and be ready to sell within days
  2. Upload your products, inventory, and pricing directly through the Best Buy Marketplace platform
  3. Manage your orders, confirm shipments, and communicate with customer through our simple and easy-to-use interface
  4. Complete API solution for sellers who want a complete integration to their system

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  • Over 200 dedicated professionals ensuring the success of Best Buy’s online business
  • Comprehensive training on how to add your products through the innovative Best Buy Marketplace platform
  • Ongoing technical support and assistance on daily operations and customer service
  • Secured and trusted online payment processing solution
  • Leading fraud prevention solution
  • Best-in-class web merchandising and content
  • User generated content: forums, product reviews, and more
  • Multi-device platform: desktop, mobile, iPhone and Android apps
  • Effective search engine capability and top SEO authority to better Google rank your products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online marketplace?
A marketplace is an ecommerce site that works like an online shopping mall. Sellers provide pricing, product descriptions, fulfillment, shipping & returns, and transactions are processed by the marketplace operator; in this case Best Buy Canada. Best Buy Canada gives sellers the opportunity to add their catalog to and take advantage of the marketing, advertising, and millions of visitors that come with a leading brand.
Why should I sell on Best Buy Canada Marketplace?
  • Reach the millions of customers that visit
  • Sell your products on a site customers know and trust.
  • Expand the reach of your business beyond your own site.
  • Get exclusive selling rights on your products for 6 months.
  • Take advantage of our constant investment in our eCommerce platform that continually improves the shopping experience for you and your customers.
  • No need to invest in your own website. Just start selling on ours.
How much does it cost?
  • Competitive with other marketplaces operating in Canada.
  • No setup fees.
Is my business big enough to take part?
We’re looking for quality partners who want to grow their business with us. Click here to submit your information and we will contact you about how to take advantage of this opportunity.
When does it launch?
The Best Buy Marketplace will be launching before the 2015 Holiday season.
How do I sign-up?
Simply provide us your contact information and fill out a quick survey and we will contact you in the next month to begin the process. Click here and fill-out the contact form
Are sellers protected from fraud?
Yes. All orders submitted through the platform go through a robust order verification process. Any suspicious orders are manually investigated to ensure most fraudulent orders are cancelled before even being released to our sellers. We’re proud to have a fraud ratio way below the market average.
Am I required to supply both French and English content and customer service?
No. We accept English-only content, but those products won’t be displayed on the French site. Keep in mind it is a missed opportunity for any seller not to provide French content as over 20% of all transactions are made on the French site.
Can I cancel and/or remove my products at any time?
Yes. We have developed a simple and easy-to-use platform for sellers that provides full control over product content, inventory, shipping fees, and more..
How many products can I have on your site?
There is no limit to the number of products we can support. In the initial phase however, only products from our existing categories will be accepted.
Can all types of products be added to the marketplace?
At launch, assortment will be limited to existing categories but it will rapidly expand to new ones based on seller demand. Each time a new category is added, it will be communicated to all sellers to ensure they can add their products. View the full list of available categories
What is Reserve and Pick-Up (RPU)?
RPU provides the opportunity for customers to reserve an item at any store location where it is available and ensure it will be put aside for them to pick-up in the next 24 hours. No hassle, no commitment, and no obligation to purchase. During store hours, customers receive confirmation within around 20 minutes after making the reservation. This capability will be available for all Best Buy Marketplace sellers and will help drive more traffic to their stores; creating an opportunity for upsells and increased attach rates.
Can customers return products to your stores?
At launch, all products will have to be returned by mail to the seller. Best Buy Canada is currently developing the capability to accept all Best Buy Marketplace returns at any of our store locations. After receiving an item we would ship it back to the seller. This feature is expected to be available by August 2016.
Can customers have my products shipped to your stores?
No. All orders must be shipped directly to an address provided by the customer.
What is the process to add new products?
All products can easily be added through the Best Buy Marketplace sellers’ platform using 1 of 3 methods:
  1. Using Best Buy Marketplace upload CSV templates.
  2. Using your own CSV files by mapping all your products to the categories and product attributes.
  3. Leveraging our Best Buy Marketplace API to upload your products.
All sellers will receive comprehensive training on how to use these tools.
How frequently can I add/remove products?
Products can be added or removed within as few as 24 hours.
How do I manage the inventory?
Inventory and product availability is controlled by the seller through the Best Buy Marketplace platform. It can be updated within 24 hours.
How do I manage and fulfill orders?
Customers’ orders are processed through the system for payment processing and fraud verification. It then gets communicated to the seller through the seller’s platform. The seller then accepts and ships the order. It’s that simple!
Who ships items sold through the Best Buy Marketplace?
Sellers ship products directly to customers and we’re here to help manage the experience along the way with the support of our trained customer service staff.
Who decides the shipping policy?
Sellers decide their own shipping policies and set their rates using the Best Buy Marketplace platform. You can charge any shipping fees you want.
Can I decide which markets/regions I can ship to?
Definitely! You can control where you’re able to ship products, but casting a bigger net usually provides the biggest return!
Can I set my own return policy?
Yes. Sellers are required to clearly communicate their return policy so we can display it on their product detail pages. Setting the right customer expectations always translates to higher satisfaction!
How long does it take to get paid?
As we want to ensure you get the proceeds of your sales rapidly, all transactions are paid through Electronic Funds Transfer within 10 days of being confirmed as shipped by sellers.

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