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The personal computer is the game-changing development of the past 100 years, an innovation that dramatically changed the way we work, communicate and play. No company has driven the evolution of the PC the way Microsoft has. From MS-DOS to Office, Microsoft software defined how computers operated and what they could do. With Windows 10 and breakthrough hardware like the Surface Pro and Surface Book, Microsoft is redefining the PC, continuing its leadership into the future.

Microsoft Windows powers 1.5 billion PCs and Windows 10—the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system—is already running on over 200 million devices, worldwide. Microsoft Office has been the de facto productivity software for PCs and tablets since the suite that includes applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint was first released in 1988. It’s the preferred choice for businesses, professionals, students and homes. With the success of the Surface Pro and Surface Book, Microsoft continues its legacy of innovation by introducing the future of PCs. The exciting new category of convertible PCs combines the best of the traditional PC laptop with the flexibility of a tablet, using Windows 10 to make the transition between portable PC and hand-held slate completely seamless and intuitive.

Microsoft Canada was established in 1985, ensuring that millions of Canadians and businesses are able to realize their full potential. Best Buy Canada’s Microsoft Store is a classic example of how this works. Best Buy staff working in close partnership with a team from Microsoft Canada have put together the ultimate Microsoft experience for Canadian consumers and businesses. All of Microsoft’s software, applications, hardware and accessories are together in one place, where customers can explore the future of PCs while enjoying unmatched industry expertise and PC know-how.

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