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MOUNTAIN BUGGY All-terrain strollers for active urban lifestyles

Renowned for designing innovative strollers and baby gear, Mountain Buggy helps parents live life without limit. For over 20 years, Mountain Buggy has been crafting all-terrain strollers that can take you from city sidewalks to tough mountain landscapes. Boasting style, function, and unique parent-friendly features, Mountain Buggy strollers make it safe, comfortable and easy to take your kids anywhere you go.

Mountain Buggy’s History

Mountain Buggy was born from a father’s desire to spend time with his child in the mountains of New Zealand. In 1992, this father built a durable all-terrain stroller, which set the groundwork for the company. Mountain Buggy has taken this foundation and continually evolved its strollers into an attractive, functional and hard-wearing collection.

Designed for the City, Built for the Mountains

Mountain Buggy’s all-terrain strollers are built with durability, adaptability, manoeuverability and simplicity in mind. Their rugged engineering makes them excellent for both uneven mountain terrains and urban cityscapes, and their adaptable designs transition well with your growing child. Mountain Buggy also incorporates handy features into its strollers, including adjustable seat position, five-point safety harness, lockable swivel front wheel, automatic frame lock and quick release wheels. Its strollers also have optional accessories such as carrycots and car seat adaptors.

Safety is Priority

Mountain Buggy performs rigorous testing to guarantee precision engineering and tough frame structure, and identify the most durable materials available. It exceeds all mandatory tests for global safety standards and performs many of its own tests. For example, Mountain Buggy continuously runs its strollers over coarse sand paper for the distance of 16 marathons to test the tires. Strollers are run up a mechanical staircase for up to 130,000 steps, or three times the height of Mt. Everest. The company also tests its polymer components in extreme temperatures to ensure no deterioration, and rolls fully loaded strollers over 288,000 varied obstacles to test durability and endurance. With its continually evolving design and technology, Mountain Buggy has a proven track record in developing reliable premium products and strollers.