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Norton™ offers the ultimate protection

Norton™ offers the ultimate protection

Norton™ Anti-Theft and 360™ Multi-Device software offer total protection for all your devices. From your PC and Mac® to your Android™ device, iPhone®, and iPad®, you'll have all you need to keep them all safe.

The Power of Protection: Norton by Symantec

As more of our lives become linked with our computers and smartphone, so increases the need to take steps to protect our sensitive information from being corrupted by viruses or stolen by cyber thieves. Norton software is the perfect solution, offering a swathe of different security products covering everything from your desktop computer to Macs and smartphone.

Some people may think Norton is a provider of only antivirus protection, but this simply isn’t true. Norton software by Symantec provides a huge range of security solutions that go way beyond just PC security. These advanced technologies include securing and locating lost or stolen mobile devices, protecting WiFi connections, managing children’s online activity, backing up and sharing important info across devices, assisting with installation and even enhancing Internet-enabled devices.


If you’ve got a variety of devices, chances are you’ve got a growing list of passwords, files, contacts and financial information live on each one. Norton security software can help you keep this info safe using five exclusive layers of security technology that ring-fence your personal information, keeping it out of the hands of cyber-threats and phishing scams. Norton security is also completely unobtrusive and doesn’t hog your resources like other antivirus software.

Mobile Security

With the freedom to roam and get connected, smartphones give us the power to access our online world everywhere. Connecting to an unsecured public WiFi network is hard to resist but even for just a minute, you could be exposed to hacking or identity theft. Norton Mobile Security’s smart software keeps your device safe using additional layer of security for identity theft and password hacking. And if your phone is lost or stolen, it can be remotely locked, erased of your personal info, and instantly located and locked even if the SIM card is removed – and all with a simple text message.

Cloud Security

Norton’s advanced software does more than simply protect your digital photos, music and other important files you keep on the cloud; it also lets you manage your devices with Norton Management. On any computer, you can quickly access your security settings through the cloud and make adjustments across all of your devices – even if the computer you’re on doesn’t have Norton installed. And if any files in the cloud contain a virus, Norton antivirus quickly and efficiently scans and detects them, keeping your computer safe from potential troubles.

Live Help

Support when you need it is always just a phone call away. Norton antivirus and security software takes protection to the next level by giving you a hand should your computer begin to run slowly or become infected, or you can’t figure out how to transfer data from your mobile device – expert help is always on hand when you’re in need.