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Look forward to summer road trips thanks to car audio technology like CarPlay

by BradMoon from 05-21-2014

CarPLay preview.jpgChances are you’re too young to remember this, but there was a time when car audio was limited to AM radio or even 8-track tapes. Even today, many new cars ship with a standard entertainment system that doesn’t get much fancier than an in-dash CD player. Fortunately, Best Buy has an entire department dedicated to upgrading your ride with the latest in audio and other high tech gear, including emerging new platforms like Apple’s CarPlay. Whether you want a subwoofer powerful enough to rattle your entire block, Bluetooth handsfree capability, a navigation system, video playback or the ability to use Siri to find a favourite tune, Best Buy has you covered.

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Pioneer: Car Stereo Systems, Home Theatre, iPod Accessories and more

Pioneer aims to deliver the best possible entertainment experience when you’re at home and on the road. Launched in Tokyo in 1938, Pioneer has brought its passion for music and high-quality audio to consumers all over the world. Whether it’s car stereos, wireless speakers, home theatre systems or headphones, Pioneer has the tools to bring your favourite music, movies, and other audio entertainment to life.

Pioneer Home Theatre

Always on the hunt for the next big thing, Pioneer makes new technology more accessible to everyone. Pioneer produces everything you need to create the best home theatre system, including Blu-ray players, A/V receivers, and speakers. Pioneer produces Blu-ray players that offer 3D support, exclusive audio-improving technology, and brilliant 1080p visuals to make the most of your movie collection, and their high-quality A/V receivers, including AirPlay compatible receivers, unleash the potential of your home theatre system for high-definition audio and video.

Pioneer Car Stereo Systems and Audio

Outfit your vehicle with the best car audio system possible and enjoy your favourite music on the road without compromising quality. Explore all your available car audio options with Pioneer’s wide selection of car stereo systems, car radios, CD decks, speakers, amps, and more. Boasting USB connectivity, Bluetooth, and iPod compatibility, you’ll find a car stereo that fits your needs. You’ll enjoy ultra-convenient features that go beyond music, including large touchscreen displays and AppRadio, which lets you access your iPhone or Android applications on your car’s dashboard.

Pioneer Wireless Speakers, Headphones and more

With Pioneer electronics, it’s easier than ever to experience crystal-clear sound from all your music and audio players. Hook up to a wireless speaker via Wi-Fi, DLNA, HTC Connect or AirPlay for a powerful, clear, and natural listening experience. AirPlay audio devices lets you wirelessly stream music from your Apple device, so it’s even easier to enjoy your entire iTunes library anywhere in your home. Pioneer also offers comfortable cushioned headphones and portable earbuds if you’re seeking a more personal audio experience. offers fast, FREE shipping on Pioneer home theatre and other personal electronics including speakers, car stereo systems, Blu-ray players, headphones and more.