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Review: Polk Omni SB1 – A Sound Bar and Wireless Music System

by hootie from 12-26-2014

The Polk Audio SB1 Soundbar is one of the most impressive soundbars you will find. Not only does it have excellent sound that greatly improves your home theatre experience, you can use it to wirelessly fill your home with sound by adding other speakers, and they don’t even have to be Polk. Similar to Sonos, Denon HEOS, or Bose Soundtouch you can create a variety of sound experiences throughout your home with a tremendous amount of ease and no messy wires.

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The Ultimate Home Theatre of your Dreams

by hootie from 08-31-2014


What components would you put in the home theatre system of your dreams? Most of us watch enough TV that having an awesome home entertainment system makes a lot of sense, but few of us go that extra step - including myself. I have thought about what would make my dream home theatre.


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Polk Audio

Polk Audio combines a passion for music and sound with ambitious scientific advancements to create superior speakers and audio equipment. A made-in-the-USA success story, Polk began in Baltimore in ’72, when three music-loving college grads set out to create an at-home loudspeaker that was equal parts practical, high-performing, and affordable. They ended up setting the standard for deep, clear, realistic sound that anyone can enjoy in the comfort of their living room.

Speaker specialists

Polk Audio is dedicated to making superior sound accessible to as many people as possible, with a wide range of speakers, sound bars, subwoofers and more. Polk speakers have the power to transform your entertainment, making your movies more thrilling, your music more real, and your parties more fun, thanks to dedicated engineers and designers that hold more than 65 patents in audio design and technology. Polk holds major influence in the audio industry because of their commitment to constant improvement and innovation.

Made for audiophiles

Polk Audio was born from a desire for rich, detailed sound that was previously unattainable if you were listening to music at home. This desire informs the design of every Polk speaker, which are all carefully crafted to deliver an immersive listening experience that makes you feel like your favourite musicians are playing right in front of you. Polk speakers reproduce natural, organic sound full of true-to-life details, which is the hallmark of Polk Audio.

High-end audio at home

Polk Audio’s comprehensive catalog is designed for the music and movie lover who refuses to sacrifice quality, with products perfect for casual listeners and expert audiophiles alike. Polk’s complete home theatre systems include everything you need for immersive sound, providing all the necessary components for a cinematic experience ideal for film and sports fanatics. Polk also creates powerful subwoofers for deep, rich bass that add another dimension to your home entertainment, as well as stylish tower speakers and sleek sound bars that will complement any living space. No matter which Polk product you choose, you’ll enjoy authentic audio without compromise.