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Today's flat screens provide a high definition image with stunning detail and the Precision Acoustics HD Loudspeaker Series creates the sound to match it. Incredible accuracy is blended with thunderous impact in a gorgeous cabinet that easily blends into any décor so bring high definition sound to your home today and enjoy your music, movies, and games more than ever before.

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Precision Acoustics

Precision Acoustics, established in 1999, is a recognized leader in the loudspeaker industry. Combining stunning good looks with incredible performance, they build high-quality speakers for use in your home theatre, outdoor patio and car, and the high-end cables that you need to get everything set up and working properly.

TV & Home Theatre Speakers

Precision Acoustics’ full line of speakers will let you experience home entertainment in a whole new way. With channel speaker packages for complete sound immersion, sound bars that are great for tight spaces, subwoofers that will let you experience earth shattering bass and tower speakers for flexible audio options, Precision Acoustics has everything you need to hook up unbelievable sound.

Built-in Speakers

Your home is your sanctuary, so if you’re ready to get it wired and experience surround sound in all of its glory, Precision Acoustics has you covered. With in-wall and in-ceiling speakers piping music into any room in your house, your dance parties will know no bounds.

Car Audio Speakers and Subwoofers

Whether you’re a commuter looking for quality sound or a road trip junkie decking out your ride for the next big adventure, Precision Acoustics has the equipment you need. The latest in speaker technology produces undistorted, powerful sound that’s clear even at high volumes. Subwoofers engineered from the ground up provide deep bass that will have your car humming along, while amps pump up the volume to let your music carry you.

Cables and Accessories

When you’re upgrading factory parts, you need to know that the cables and connections you’re using will provide the best possible noise-free transfers. With RCA cables, amp install kits, FM transmitters and USB cables designed specifically to shield against typical automotive interference, Precision Acoustics has all of the accessories needed to hook up incredible sound in your car.

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