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Final Clearance Apple Polyurethane Smart Cover for iPad 2/iPad (3rd Gen)/iPad (4th Gen) - Light Grey

  • Model #: MD307ZM/A
  • Web Code: 10172016
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Customer Ratings
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(2 ratings)

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Gotta love the smell of plastic in the morning

Works as advertised, however, pricey for what you get. Apple controlled, what can you say other than they are cute. Pro's Stylish, helps keep mo  Read full review

Apple Polyurethane Smart Cover for iPad 2/iPad (3rd Gen)/iPad (4th Gen) - Light Grey

Not only will the iPad Smart Cover keep your device safe from nicks and scratches, but it's designed to do a whole lot more. It attaches easily using magnets and stays put; open the cover and your iPad awakens, and then close it again to make your iPad go to sleep. It also doubles as a stand.

Product Features
  • Works with the iPad 2 and 3rd generation iPad

  • Durable, slim and sturdy making it unbelievably versatile

  • Innovative magnetic technology holds it in place without moving

  • Folds in all the right places to create a stand that makes it easy to watch videos or type on the keyboard

  • Also flips back out of the way like a page in a magazine if your prefer to hold your device

  • Cover the display and your iPad goes to sleep

  • Open the Cover and your device wakes up

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