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Belkin Cinema Dot Folio for iPad 2/ iPad (3rd Gen)/ iPad (4th Gen) - Black

  • Model #: F8N773TTC00
  • Web Code: 10198423
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 5.0
(9 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

Can't Get Much Better

Owned for a year and delayed commenting until undergoing extensive use. Went through tests of other covers and they were either too thin, poor stand  Read full review

Thrilled with this!

Great product. Protects well and looks classy....  Read full review

Belkin Cinema Dot Folio for iPad 2/ iPad (3rd Gen)/ iPad (4th Gen) - Black

Enhance your entertainment experience by finding the angle that's just right for you. Simply adjust the stand to your personal preference and sit back and view movies, video, and any other of your favourite content in comfort. When you're finished the cover folds closed to protect the screen with a soft interior lining that's smooth against your device.

Product Features
  • The slim, lightweight design slips easily into any bag without adding bulk
  • Colour hits draw the eye without polarizing the design
  • Tooled TPU frame for secure and clean iPad attach
  • Interesting lining colours that "pop" when in stand mode
  • Magnetic closure tab folds back on itself to disappear
  • Multi-Angle viewing functionality
  • Auto-wake Magnets

What's in the Box?

  • None

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