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Boské Kids Knitwear Nellie Tunic Dress & Leggings - 6 - 12 Months - Silver

  • Model #: NELLIE SET SL 6-12
  • Web Code: 10262986
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Boské Kids Knitwear Nellie Tunic Dress & Leggings - 6 - 12 Months - Silver

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This beautiful tunic dress from Boské Kids features a feminine, intricate knit in silver and snow. It is made from luxurious 100% baby alpaca yarn and comes with matching leggings. The tunic also has buttons in the back for hassle-free dressing.

Product Features
  • Size: 6-12 months
  • Incredibly soft and silky smooth on your child's delicate skin
  • Baby alpaca is an all-natural animal fibre that's warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool
  • This hypoallergenic, lanolin-free material is also water repellent, thermal, and solar resistant
  • Made with fair-trade practices and sustainable agriculture in mind

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