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D-Link PowerLine AV500 3-Port HD Media Starter Kit (DHP-P339AV)

  • Model #: DHP-P339AV
  • Web Code: 10237456
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Works thru junction box.

We have electric circuit in the house but we extended the house so we have new circuit with a junction box. So it is like two separate circuits but co  Read full review

Ok if you are looking for stability of the signal

Bought this product mainly to stream movies in my family room (first floor). The main internet connection is in the second floor. I u  Read full review

D-Link PowerLine AV500 3-Port HD Media Starter Kit (DHP-P339AV)

Extend your home network using your existing electrical system with the D-Link PowerLine AV+3-Port HD Media Starter Kit. Providing transfer speeds up to 500Mbps, perfect for entertainment or your home office, it enables incredible performance with an instant network connection for up to three devices.

Product Features
  • No more dead spots: Extends your network using the existing electrical system, so you can get a strong connection in almost any room, even places where there used to be dead spots
  • Simple plug and connect design: Simply connect one adapter into an existing power outlet, connect it to your router, and plug another adapter into a power outlet in any other room in your house to get instant network connections for up to three devices.
  • Passthrough plug: The integrated passthrough power socket with noise filtering means you won't have to lose any valuable outlet space
  • Faster than standard PowerLine AV 200: Experience speeds up to 500Mpbs with up to 20% better coverage, perfect for HD/3D media streaming an online gaming
  • Convenient features: It includes three Ethernet ports, a Power Saving Mode, Push and Secure encryption button, and support for 128-bit AES encryption
  • Starter kit includes the DHP-P338AV and DHP-308AV Network PowerLine Adapters
  • Click on Specifications tab above for more information
How it works:
  • You'll need at least two D-Link Powerline adapters (which are included in this kit), or more if you want to extend your network to other rooms
  • Connect one Powerline adapter to your router (the "source" of your Internet connection) and plug it into an electrical outlet
  • Plug in the other adapter in the room where you want to extend your data network
  • Connect your computer, game console, or wireless router into this second adapter and enjoy a super-fast data connection
  • It's best if you plug them directly into the outlet in the wall, instead of using an extension cord or power bar

What's in the Box?

  • 1 Powerline AV+ Mini Adapter (DHP-308AV) 1 PowerLine AV+ 3-Port Switch w/ Passthrough (DHP-P338AV) 2 Ethernet Cables
  • Quick Install Guide

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