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Defender High-Resolution 75 ft. Night Vision Security Camera with Kit - Online Only

  • Model #: 21026
  • Web Code: 10204018
Defender High-Resolution 75 ft. Night Vision Security Camera with Kit


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Defender High-Resolution 75 ft. Night Vision Security Camera with Kit

Make thieves and vandals think twice about approaching your property. DEFENDER systems function just like a computer with a mouse for pointing and clicking and an intuitive icon-based Smart Menu for easy set up and use. View anytime, anywhere with remote viewing via internet, smartphone, and tablet and receive email alerts, with photo, when motion is detected on your property.

Product Features
  • The included 500 GB hard drive allows continuous monitoring and recording of over two years' worth of footage. Your DVR sends an alert when your memory space is full so that you can choose to overwrite old video or stop the unit from recording.

  • The built-in USB port gives you the option of backing up and transferring your video footage with a USB flash drive or external USB hard drive. And if you need to expand your storage even further, you can choose to record only when motion is detected.

  • This DVR uses H.264 compression which maximizes recording time, transfers data more efficiently over the internet and you'll use 50% less storage space than traditional compressions - MPEG4, MJPEG - while still benefitting from high-quality imagery.

  • Works just like a computer with a mouse for pointing and clicking and an icon-based menu that provides prompts and coaching to assist you in navigating the system. It's even so simple to use it will begin recording as soon as it's plugged in.

  • Whether monitoring your business or home, view your footage live online, anytime and anywhere with PC or Mac, as well as on almost any iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian smartphone, or your iPad and most major tablets.

  • Designed to send you an email alert, complete with photo, if any motion is detected on your property or if any of your cameras experience video loss.

  • Equipped with 480 TV lines of resolution and the DVR records in D1 resolution, which is the equivalent of 704 x 480 pixels or DVD quality. The resulting clear, crisp and accurate video feed will help put the criminal away.

  • 24 infrared ClearVu LEDs provide crisp and detailed night imagery as you monitor from up to 75ft away, even in complete darkness.

  • Weather resistant and ensures optimal picture quality whether it's rain, hail or snow. The professional-grade aluminum housing, complete with sunshade, will protect against rust, deterioration and glare.

  • Each camera's 65ft of cable runs through the cable mount and then directly into the wall, leaving no part of the cable exposed. Your footage will be secure.

  • Free 1 step remote viewing software download auto-networks your DVR in less than 5 minutes for convenient mobile viewing.

  • Defender's customer support team can be reached by phone or by email and live web chat. You'll always have access to an expert. Support is available in English, Spanish and French.

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