Final Clearance Denon AVR-S710W 525-Watt 7.2 Channel 3D Home Theatre Receiver

  • Model #: AVR-S710W
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Create your very own home theatre experience with the Denon AVR-S710W 7.2-channel network AV receiver. With support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio it offers stunning multidimensional sound options, while HDMI 2.0a support for 4K Ultra HD and HDR brings movies and TV shows to life like never before.

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7.2-channel surround sound system

  • With 7 channels, each capable of delivering 75 watts of power, the AVR-S710W produces clear, enveloping sound that brings movies, sports, and video games to vivid life. You'll hear the whiz and bang of bullets or the crack of the bat and roar of the crowd like you're right there in the centre of the action.
  • For added versatility, the AVR-S710W also comes equipped with low impedance drive capability, which offers smoother sound even when used with speakers rated at 4ohms. This gives you more flexibility during setup, letting you select from a wider range of speaker models.
  • With the AVR-S710W you can also set up multiroom listening. Use a 5-channel surround sound system in your main home theatre area and setup a 2-channel stereo system in another room. Each room can pull sound from a different source, so different members of the family can watch what they want to.

4K Ultra HD support

  • The AVR-S710W's 6 HDMI 2.0a ports support 4K Ultra HD, which displays 4K media at an astonishing 3840 x 2160 resolution, as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range). That means more detail and richer colours, so much so that watching 4K movies and TV shows on a 4K television will feel a lot like you're looking out your front window.
  • The receiver also supports HDCP 2.2 DRM copy protection, 4:4:4 pure colour sub-sampling, 3D content, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. You can have peace of mind that you're covered for the future of 4K and 3D.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X multidimensional sound

  • Built-in Dolby Atmos support means the AVR-S710W is your ticket to immersive 3D surround sound, which uses object-based coding rather than channel-based coding. This allows media creators to precision-place every sound heard in a film, television show, or video game.
  • The AVR-S710W also supports DTS:X, which will be available via firmware upgrade in the fall of 2015. Like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X allows sound designers to place sounds anywhere in a 3D acoustic space, creating a rich, enveloping, multidimensional experience.

Natural high-performance sound

  • A suite of Audyssey DSP features is built into the AVR-S710W, including MultEQ room acoustic measurement and correction. During the setup process, MultEQ measures speaker and subwoofer output, then applies correction filters to achieve the most natural tonal balance for your space.
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume uses advanced DSP processing to provide a wide-band response, even when volume levels are low, producing theatre-calibre clarity for dialog.
  • Dual subwoofer units give you the option to connect 2 small subwoofers instead of 1 large sub. Connecting 2 subs and placing them in different locations in the room produces deeper, smoother, more detailed bass.

Networking, streaming, and device connectivity

  • Built-in WiFi lets you connect to your wireless home network and stream content from services such as Spotify and Sirius XM. All of your favourite tunes are a click away, presented in rich, crystal-clear surround sound.
  • Bluetooth and AirPlay compatibility also let you stream content from a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. For added ease, the Denon Remote App lets you control the receiver with your smartphone or tablet, including Apple or Android devices.

Easy to setup, easier to use

  • A setup assistant and quick start guide takes the confusion out of setting up the AVR-S710W. On-screen graphics and text guide you through the process, while colour-coded terminals and cable labels ensure straightforward speaker hookups.
  • Four dedicated Quick Select buttons on the front panel and the remote control let you quickly select from your most used media sources. The AVR-S710W also remembers your preferred settings for each connected source, so you can enjoy perfect sound with the push of a button every time.

What's in the Box?

  • Remote Control
  • Batteries
  • AM/FM Antennas
  • Wire Labels
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Audyssey Microphone
  • Microphone Stand

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 2 Year(s)
  • Labour - 2 Year(s)

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  • from ottawa


incredible... picked this up on clearance. I am no stranger to home theatre. I'd like to buy really expensive equipment but why when you can get real decent sound quality for cheaper. I've owned denon before, than went to marantz and it crapped out. Came back to denon with the 710, the price was unreal for what it offers. Connecting bowers and wilkins to this surround with Kemper cables will make your ears have an orgie. Lastly it also made the picture on my 65'' 3d screen clearer. huge deal !!!!

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Where is the input for my old equipment?

Great setup instructions using my tv but try to find out details about the receiver or how the remote works and what it controls like radio settings etc and you'll have to go online. I'd prefer the good old paper manual. I tried to hook up my old cassette inputs for that or for my turntable.... No inputs for that also. Buy it if you don't have any of the old components hanging around buy it. It sounds great and produces a nice balance sound.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Not the best receiver

I got this receiver back in September 2015, on paper the features look OK, one of the features I was looking for was the Bluetooth connectivity to play music from my laptop and tablet. After a few weeks the trouble started with the Bluetooth, the receiver displays that is connected to my laptop but there is no sound. Tech support is useless, they recommended a factory reset but this a temporary fix, after using Bluetooth 4-5 times stop working again. Unpairing and pairing again sometimes work, and doing a factory reset means to spend 45 minutes setting everything on the unit. The sound for movies is OK, nothing impressive, for music not the best sound. If you are planning to use Bluetooth, stay away from this unit

  • from Toronto, ON

Decent receiver

Very good sound for the audiophiles, easy to use. Cons: 1. In Bluetooth mode as soon as you turn on your laptop receiver turns on. No option in menu to cancel automatic turn on. 2. Remote control could be more solid 3. Denon Android application very basic.

  • from Calgary, AB

Great receiver at a good price

At 75 watts per channel, this receiver has less power than the older one it replaced. It puts out satisfactory power at impressive sound quality, it won't shatter your windows however but perfectly suitable for a great movie experience in the home. Airplay seems to have some issues but there are many other ways to connect to the receiver so not really an issue. Love the Denon app on my phone and ipad.

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Great sounding receiver

Great sounding receiver. Clear highs and tight bass. Lots of features including new surround formats atmos and dtsx. Good price.

  • from Markham, ON

Excellent receiver, glad I bought this one

I am very happy with this receiver. The best features are the Internet radio, Bluetooth, and AirPlay. Also, the Denon app on Apple works great. Perfect to stream music to.

  • from Burnaby, BC

A bit under powered

If I had understood the power ratings of audio amplifiers a bit better I might not have made this mistake. 75 W per channel isn't bad, but the amp will shut off during scenes with explosions such as the canon fire in Master and Commander. The solution? Turn it down. If you're looking for something with some punch, this isn't it. Having said that, if it can handle the power output it sounds very good.

  • from Laval, QC


I wanted to have the new movies sound as now the blue rays some of them do not have 5.1 in English anymore. Every feature is properly designed and works flawless. I have 2 Technics tower speakers and Sony for the rest. Yesterday I watched a DTS X movie and a a Dolby Atmos and the sound in my opinion is much better that the Atmos at Colossus in Laval. Also I register to Spotify and the sound quality is much better than the old Sony AVR (120 W RMS p/c), was afraid as it is less powerful it was not going to be able to drive my big speakers and I was wrong, it sounds as loud as the old one.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Great for home theatre - just okay for music

I bought this to replace my old Pioneer 5.1 receiver I got in 1998. I was seduced by all of the features on the Denon (bluetooth, internet radio, wifi etc.) and also needed a way of getting more HDMI inputs available for my aging plasma TV. The surround sound blows away the old Pioneer - it's fantastic. But for listening to music my old amp has a lot more power and supplies a much richer sound - especially on the low end. I thought about returning the Denon but ultimately kept it for its impressive home theatre performance - but in the end I also had to keep the Pioneer hooked up to my main speakers for listening to CD's and vinyl. It would have been nice if the Denon could have served both purposes. Bottom line, if your main use will be Home Theatre then I'd recommend the Denon.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Great Amp

Got this amp about a week ago. Once you get used to the on screen set up menu (using your TV) it's very easy. We found the sound to be richer and fuller. Glad we got it. Works great my I-Phone 6 plus (It's supposed to work well with other smart phones as well). The remote could be improved a bit - the buttons are a bit too soft. Got it on sale but even the regular price is a pretty good value for the quality of this machine.

  • from Cambridge, ON

A worthy upgrade!

I had a decent Sony Multimedia Receiver that I just could not get stereo signals to go to all my left and right speakers around the room no matter what I did. Finally I bought this Denon AVR-S710W and immediately was hearing fuller, room filling sound. Easy to use and packed with features I still have not explored.

  • from Mississauga, ON


Picked up on boxing day sale at [price], great price for this unit. Lots of valuable feature in this receiver, haven't setup Atmos so far. Overall sounds great, treble adjustment for movies not that great unless I am not doing right. Appreciate if someone can guide.

  • from Port Coquitlam, BC

very good buy

Easy to set up. It did a firmware update with ease. Has many inputs enough for any home theater system. I would like if it had a little bit more power for specially dancing. Overall I love it and up to now no problems.

  • from Surrey, BC

Solid Receiver

I picked this unit up on boxing day, It replaced an older HK unit that had HDMI issues. This unit was simple to set up and sounds decent. I found the HK is louder than this unit but this unit's feature set far outweighs the lack of wattage output. The WIFI works like a charm as does the Denon iPhone app. If you see this unit on sale then grab one - it's a great value.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Great Value and awesomwe unit

I took advantage of a Boxing Day Sale and ordered online. Shipping was prompt. Easy hookup though I have not calibrated it yet as the test doesn't pick up the Sub. Will do later as the settings out of the box are great. Great sound and ease of use.

  • from Toronto, ON

Mostly very satisfied

Last month, when it was time to upgrade my receiver, I bought another Denon because I decided it was better to stick to what I knew. My previous Denon I bought 6 years ago, and it was incredibly complex. Even recently, there were times I needed to pull out the manual to figure out/or remind myself how to do something. This new receiver is so easy to set up even my mother (who is in her 80s) would have got it working in no time. All the same previous functionality is there (and more), but it's all arranged and made accessible in a logical, intuitive way. I've read complaints that the unit doesn't come with a manual. Well, there is an online version, but it's hardly necessary. On-screen prompts guide you through the initial set up. You'll need the manual for more "niche" stuff like using optical cables etc. It wouldn't be a bad idea to read it just to see what else you can do with the unit. The reason why I gave four stars is because sometimes the channels don't switch properly. Say, I get the picture but not the audio from my Blu-Ray player. When that happens, I've discovered that all I need to do is click on another channel and then back on Blu-Ray, and the audio comes back. I hope this situation doesn't deteriorate into something bigger, or that it'll be resolved in a software update. I've only had the received for 2 weeks, but have used it almost every day, and had a wonderful experience each time.

  • from Windsor, ON

Just what I needed for 4K system

I needed a receiver for my LG 4K with HDPC 2.2 and HDMI 2.0a. It has enough HDMI inputs to connect my equipment (like NVidia Shield TV with 4K output). The sound is good. Setup was easy. Switching inputs is easy (Blu-ray, Shield, Cable, OTA TV). I was able to work around my TV ARC issues/limitations using this receiver with its optical input. Like my older Pioneer receiver the Denon can also handle 4 ohm speakers. I gave it 5 stars for these reasons.

  • from Scarborough, ON

Everything i need!

Bought this thing during Boxing week for [price] Really easy to set up, currently using 5.1 setup. Sound quality is amazing, using Klipsch Reference speakers. The only downside is that i have to manually switch between different Sound modes depending on what i want to do. Movies with good quality sound, DTS at 1500kb/s play great at Movie DTS, but regular Lossless music sound pretty bad at this setup and i have to switch to Multi Chanel Stereo. Other than that this is a great machine. Playing music from a phone using a Bluetooth there is a slight delay but its not a big deal.

  • from Fredericton, NB


This receiver does everything under the sun. I was really surprised as I kept digging into it and kept finding more and more options. Set up is a snap, with great labelling, and an include microphone for automatic speaker calibrations. It even told me that I had one speaker wired backwards and how to fix it. Still haven't gotten to use everything I intend to, as I don't yet have the speakers to set up the second listening zone. Sound is great out of my PS4. Remote is easy to use. Unit is about the same size as my old Yamaha, although it looks bigger in the picture. Wifi reception has been good so far, and no problems getting Airplay running. If you can grab it on sale like I did, it's an incredible system for the price. Even at full price you are getting your monies worth.

  • from Montreal

Exellent receiver!

bought this receiver recently and the sound is very clear even at high volume. It works equally well for both music and tv/movies. online reviws state that this receiver is not as good for music as it is for movies. I disagree! as long as you have high effiency speakers, set up the auddysey correctly it will sound amazing. D'ont forget to turn off the dynamic eq, it just muffles the sound.

  • from Calgary, AB

Great Receiver

I have an older Denon so I did not have an issue when I needed a 2nd unit. This was on sale for black Friday and I love it.

  • from Ancaster, ON

For your listening pleasure!

I just purchased this and the Onkyo Dolby Atmos addon speakers and I could not be happier. The rear of the receiver is uncluttered and the setup wizard is easy to follow, although long. Every online review I read before buying was favourable and so far I can't find anything to dislike about it. I have been recommending it to anyone who will listen.

  • from Sherbrooke, QC

Très bon recepteur

Facile à installer juste à suivre les instructions beaucoup plus simple qu un récepteur onkyo

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