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NBA Live 2014 (Xbox One)

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  • Release Date: 11/19/2013


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NBA Live 2014 (Xbox One)

Powered by the EA Sports Ignite engine , NBA Live 14 delivers on all fronts with exceptional court control, engaging online experiences, and authentic visuals. Players perform according to their real-life counterparts with stats and tendencies updated after every NBA game. Next-gen visuals and dynamic gameplay heighten the realism as you battle for NBA supremacy.

Product Features
  • Next-definition visuals: 4x the texture resolution, authentic animations, and next-gen dynamic lighting highlight every detail of the players, uniforms, and arenas. Faceposer technology showcases realistic player emotions and mannerisms for more immersive gameplay.
  • Physics-based dribbling: BounceTek technology enables total organic control and authentic responsiveness. You can use a wide range of dribble moves for realistic player movement.
  • Real-time NBA: CourtQ uses live Synergy Sports Technology data to ensure your game is always in-sync with the actual NBA. This game is powered by more than 70 player ratings and team stats that are updated after every NBA game.
  • Live Season: You can experience the NBA season as it happens with new content every day. Take on quick challenges based on the day's most memorable performances or play your favourite team's schedule as they do.
  • Ultimate Team: Build your Ultimate Team of the best NBA stars from the past and present. You can compete online or participate in Fantasy Showdown challenges to earn special rewards.
  • Mixtape by Mick: An innovative soundtrack is dynamically mixed and spun as you play with exclusive tracks added throughout the season.
  • ESPN Broadcast integration: Join the ESPN commentary team as Mike Breen and Jeff Vann add insight to every game and Jalen Rose joins the crew as the studio and game host.

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