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Titanfall (Xbox One)

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  • Release Date: 11/03/2014
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(29 ratings)
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.6
(29 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

The perfection of shooting

Takes all the made COD great, streamlines and perfects it. Don't get COD, get this game!  Read full review

Love it

Different... The campaign puts you straight in multiplayer, wich is a little dissapointing... I would have liked a better story, but the mp is really   Read full review

Titanfall (Xbox One)

Titanfall takes you to an all-new universe that juxtaposes small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial, and man vs. machine. The gaming visionaries at Respawn used their supremacy in first-person action to create the next generation of multiplayer gaming.

Product Features
  • Fast-paced future warfare:Fight as an elite assault pilot or an agile, heavily armoured 24-foot tall Titan as you are thrown into the advanced warfare of tomorrow. Titanfall rethinks fundamental combat and movement so you can change tactics on the fly and attack or escape depending on the situation.
  • The Future of online multiplayer action: This entirely multiplayer game combines fast-paced online action with heroic set piece moment you'd find in traditional campaign modes.
  • Developed by gaming visionaries: This game is the brainchild of Respawn Entertainment, which was formed by two of the co-creators of the Call of Duty franchise.

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