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Game of Life zAPPed Edition Board Game

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Game of Life zAPPed Edition Board Game

Enjoy a family gaming experience like never before with The Game of Life zAPPed Edition. Add your iPad to the unique game board for a truly interactive family experience. The free app brings your game to life as you move around the board.

Product Features
  • Spin, get paid, sue other players and make important decisions all on your iPad
  • Customize your peg character with a peg-sessory
  • Quick to set up and easy to play
  • Download the free app, hand out cars and cash, place your iPad on the board and you're ready to go
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and move your car around the board
  • Land on app spaces to unlock more than 100 hilarious clips from America's Funniest Home Video, and find out if these videos bring you good fortune or bad luck

What's in the Box?

  • 4 Battle Wizards
  • Cards

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