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Final Clearance TELUS INQ Cloud Touch Smartphone - White - Without Agreement

  • Model #: HINQT2218U
  • Web Code: 10173414
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TELUS INQ Cloud Touch Smartphone - White - Without Agreement


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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating:1.0
(1 ratings)

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the worst phone

the battery died twice in one year and then it just won't turn on.  Read full review

TELUS INQ Cloud Touch Smartphone - White - Without Agreement

The INQ Cloud Touch from TELUS is your ticket to constant on-the-go communication. It brings all your important Facebook content right on the home screen, so you're always in the know. It also features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 5MP camera with video capture, and a vibrant 3.5" display that offers a crisp view of your whole world.

Product Features
The INQ Cloud Touch expands the Facebook experience from just another application you use to the central hub of your phone. Enjoy instant access to your Facebook feed from the moment you take the phone out of the box.

  • See your friends' YouTube videos, pictures, links and status updates in the Facebook News Feed on your home screen

  • Facebook chat directly from the home screen so you're always on and connected

  • Get direct access to your top Facebook friends in People so they don't get lost in the crowd

  • Access over 150,000 apps on Android Market

  • One-click access to settings with the Info key

  • Quick access to camera from the lock screen and launcher bar

  • Predicted word predicts not just your next letter, but the next word so you can spread the word even faster

  • Create your own mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • Improved browser performance for faster loading of web pages

  • Store Android apps to the memory card to free up space on your phone.

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