JayBird X2 In-Ear Sound Isolating Bluetooth Headphones - Midnight Black

  • Model #: X2-M
  • Web Code: 10385453
  • Release Date: 09/15/2015
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The JayBird X2 wireless in-ear headphones are designed to keep up with your vigorous workouts. SignalPlus ensures your music and calls are transmitted clearly without signal drops, while a noise isolating design blocks out background noise so you can focus on what's important: your music. Secure-fit ear-fins also deliver a snug and comfortable fit.

More Information

  • Super-capacity Battery HD lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge
  • SignalPlus delivers enhanced Bluetooth functionality so you can enjoy skip-free music and crystal-clear calls
  • Shift premium Bluetooth audio delivers rich, crisp sound that rivals and challenges the best in wired headphones
  • Sound isolating design blocks out background noise so you can enjoy your tunes the way they were intended
  • Bluetooth technology delivers a wireless range of up to 10 metres
  • Sweat-proof construction repels moisture so you don't need to worry about getting the headphones wet
  • Patented secure-fit comfort sport ear-fins lock the buds in your ear so they don't fall out during your workouts
  • Comply premium sport foam ear tips enhance your sound and fit experience
  • Comes with 3 pairs of Comply ear cushions, 3 pairs of silicon ear tips, 3 pairs of secure-fit ear-fins, and 2 X-Fit clips so you can customize your ideal fit

What's in the Box?

  • X2 Premiuim Bluetooth buds
  • 3 pairs Comply ear cushions
  • 3 pairs silicon ear tips
  • 3 pairs secure fit ear fins
  • 2 X-Fit clips
  • Standard Micro USB Cable

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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  • from Delta, BC
  • May 12, 2016

Bad Fit

I purchased these in December 2015 and I'm on my 3rd pair. The first two pairs cut out frequently. This third pair is better, but not perfect. Battery also doesn't last very long, about 4 hours of play time even without pressing the control buttons much. The worse part is the fit is bad. They fall out easily and I have tried multiple sizes. In addition, the form ear buds start to disintegrate after about 2 months. If you are a female, I definitely don't recommend because of the fit and they also look quite large when wearing. The sound quality is fairly good, perfectly clear (until is cuts out). The company also has good customer service, but overall these are not worth the price.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Apr 16, 2016

Not Thrilled

Firstly, there are no instructions when you unbox the product. I had to watch youtube videos on how to appropriately put on the fins. After feeling comfortable in my ears, I went to the gym and they fell out quite easily (whenever I would turn my head) I came home and tried a few more fitting options, and it just didn't fit. Also, the wireless was not very impressive if I was not right next to the iphone. Overall, I was disappointed with the product after reading so many favourable reviews and will be returning my jaybirds.

  • from St Catharines, ON
  • Mar 31, 2016

Buy the warranty - or buyer beware

I bought this for my son for Christmas 2015. He loves them, they worked great, fit great, sounded great - NOW THEY DO NOT. The left ear bud works properly, the right ear bud is barely 10% of the volume (of the left). I ran the battery down to dead and recharged - did not fix the problem. I b/t linked them to 2 other devices but the problem still exists...not sure what to do. The thing is my son only used them 'at rest' - not in a sports environment, not on his bike, not near the pool - so its their claim of durability is rather dubious...

  • from Oakville, ON
  • Mar 29, 2016

One week old

The fins mounted do not let the bud far enough into the ear canal . When you put the bud further in the sound is very good, but the fin holds it out and sound is poor. The connection works very well, until your phone or iPad gets mail or a message , then you get a drop out of the sound. Normal but not good. Turn off all other features then play your tunes.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Mar 06, 2016

Not Comfortable but Good Performance

Pros: - Good performance and sound quality - Strong bluetooth connection with great range Cons: - Expensive - Horribly uncomfortable - Really big for earbuds - Don't stay in well for activity (the fins don't fit my ear shape)

  • from New Westminster, BC
  • Mar 05, 2016

Save your money

Having no cord is nice, but you make a huge sacrifice in sound quality.

  • from Edmonton
  • Feb 28, 2016

Great for working out and very confortable.

Wanted wireless buds for the gym. Debated between these and and another similarly priced brand, but found the reviews for the build quality of these better. Takes a bit of experimenting to find the right combination of fin and bud, but once you do, they are a perfect fit. I've got odd ears and most traditional in ear buds don't work for me, these do. Sound, paring, build quality all excellent. Nice to be able to pair to multiple devices. Jaybird has some helpful videos on their sight to assist with fitting.

  • from Saskatoon
  • Feb 20, 2016

Great headphones

These Bluetooth headphones are more then what I expected when I bought them. I prefer the foam better then the silicon ear tips they fit perfect in my ears without the fins and stay in. I wear mine over ear style with the cable clips. It took awhile to get them set just right. I really like that they are Bluetooth it connects easy to my phone. the controls on the headphones work great you can skip songs turn music up/down. I highly recommend getting them if you are looking for Bluetooth headphones.

  • from Surrey, BC
  • Feb 10, 2016

Comfortable, but okay battery life.

These headphones overall have a good sound. The sound isolation is spot on. The only thing is they look a bit large for in ear buds. I wish they were made a bit smaller, but still love them. Also the battery is not a full 8 hours like they say in the description, but at most 5-6 hours. Other than that they're a great buy.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 26, 2016

Great sound and comfort.

It takes a while to try the configurations to get the right fit but when you do they do not fall out. I like deep base in my music when running and it sounds great. Using an iPhone 6 to pair playing Apple Music cuts. Also a great feature is it can connect to up to 8 devices. I have my iPhone, Apple Watch and Surface Pro all connected and you get an audio prompt when switching devices. No battery indicator. It would be nice to have an audio prompt with the battery charge I would recommend.

  • from Abbotsford, BC
  • Jan 13, 2016

Comfortable but mediocre sound quality

I had high hopes for these ear buds but ended up returning them because of the poor sound quality. The fit was great - they came with an assortment of parts to match my ears and they felt good to wear. The build quality was good and they felt well made. Unfortunately the sound quality was disappointing especially for the price. I felt like I was only hearing half the song. There was little to no bottom end to the music. Bass was almost non-existent.

  • from my ears
  • Dec 31, 2015

Best Bluetooth ear buds?

the highs and miss are very clear and are fantastic quality compared to other highly priced Bluetooth ear buds such as the power beats however I have noticed when listening to very bass heavy music a noticeable static in the back ground. they are definitely not as good of quality as my qc20 by Bose but that's what you get for having Bluetooth ear buds, I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to pick up a pair, I've never been happier to listen to music without my phone, if you have a smart watch with internal storage that can store music the combination of the watch and headphones is great.

  • from Halifax, NS
  • Dec 30, 2015

Perfect for me

I was given these for Christmas. Finding the perfect is a bit of a challenge as I wear them for running and working out. Not a ridiculous amount of time being spent on this, just tweaking. The range is incredible. I ran on a 200 meter track and just put my iPhone at the mid point. So it's range is 100 meters. Incredible. Sound quality is great, lightweight, love these headphones!

  • from Manitoba
  • Dec 29, 2015


Excellent product, excellent sound, excellent fit!

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Dec 29, 2015

great I like them.

these earbuds are awesome. I would say the best bluetooth earbuds out there. the silicone buds did not work with my ears, so I'm glad they included the foam buds, as they worked great with my ears. I don't feel them when I'm wearing them, super lightweight. They work with my PC, ipod, iphone, pretty much all the media devices I have which has bluetooth.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Dec 27, 2015


I received these headphones as a gift a week ago and so far I'm loving them. The battery preformance in these ridiculously ssmall pair of headphones is amazing last way longer than the 8 hours they advertise. The sound quality is also very good and way better than my pair of beats. The range is also amazing I'm able to walk around my house and not lose connection wherever I go. I would not pay full price for these but on sale they are a great deal I would recommend these to anyone 9/10

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Dec 17, 2015

Best bluetooth buds I've tried

Pros: Very balanced sound. Not boomy like Beats, but very strong punchy bass, clear mids and highs. Reasonably comfortable. Good battery life. Very fast charging. Cons: Ears can get a little sore after a few hours of continuous wear. No battery level indicator, so you'll want to plug them in at least once a day to make sure. Microphone isn't the greatest, but it works.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Dec 17, 2015

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Available

These are the best Bluetooth earbuds available in my opinion. JayBird is a relatively unheard of brand in this space but after seeing some reviews from trusted sources on YouTube I figured I'd give them a shot during the Black Friday sale. These really exceeded my expectations in terms of build quality, comfort and sound quality. The battery life is also excellent, lasting a long time between charges. The only complaint I've heard with these is the controls are not the easiest to use but I found after getting used to what the buttons do (whether you click or long press on them ) it really is straight forward and easy to use. For those who may have complaints about your experience using it with a specific device, please test them out with multiple devices because with Bluetooth often it is the device you're attempting to connect to that is having issues and not the earbuds themselves.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Dec 16, 2015

X2's for you?

A fine sounding Bluetooth product. However finding a comfortable fit has been a challenge. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time finding a proper fit. Frankly, some of the in ear options produce better sound, and are less expensive.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Dec 14, 2015

Great buy

I purchased the Jaybird X2 as it came highly recommended as bluetooth earphones. I have used them for 2 weeks now and I am very happy! I use them without the fins as I just wear them while commuting to/from work. I also use the silicone ear tips as I find they fit more comfortably than the sport ones. I've found that the left one generally stays in my ear no problem, but the right one falls out if I move my head too much - I don't know if my ears are uneven, or if the right bud is a little heavier with the inline controls and the charging port. The sound quality is great. I certainly hear more of my music than with the Apple earpods I was using previously. Their snug fit also means less background noise gets through when I'm taking a call. My only gripe with the X2 is a small one - you hear a beep when skipping to the next track such that you miss the first beat of the song. Nevertheless the X2 is solid and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Dec 14, 2015

Jay bird ear phone

Very disapointed in thus product, not very loud could hear people talking around me. Connection to ipod Nano not that good

  • from Victoria, BC
  • Dec 02, 2015

Not compatible with Note 5

Earbuds fit great but sound quality and range were terrible paired with a Samsung Note 5. More than a foot away from the phone the connection dropped. Unusable.

  • from Thornhill, ON
  • Nov 29, 2015

My Opinion

So recently was Black Friday, so I went out and purchased the Jaybird X2 Midnight version. Currently, I am pleased with this product. The unboxing experience felt premium similar to the unboxing of the Jaybird Bluebuds X. The earbuds come with two different types of ear cusions, complied foam and normal ones that you see on different earbuds. It also contains a carrying case, within it is a charging cable, and earfins. I tried to use the earfins but they don't really work with my ears, even when trying the different sizes (small, medium, large). I am very pleased with this product, and I would suggest others to get these earbuds, if they're looking for good bluetooth earbuds. Also the earbuds have an 8 hour battery life which is pretty good when compared to other Bluetooth earbuds. As a tip, I would suggest using the complied ear cusions instead of the normal ones, If you choose to do so, do not use the earfins, of course you can but, the foam ear cusions alone are firm in your ears.

  • from Calgary AB
  • Nov 27, 2015

Just amazing

Best headphones I ever had so far, absolutely fantastic sound.

  • from Kelowna, BC
  • Nov 16, 2015

Jaybirds are fantastic!

Love these, bought to replace my shures, and they blow them out of the water. everything is slick, from the case to the charging cord. the headphones fit really well and don't fall out even with tugging. The sound blows the shures out of the water. Went in for a pair of sennheisers, but my local best buy didn't have them, bought these instead. I felt they were a little expensive at [PRICE] but went for it. Only thing I was concerned about is best buys policy for returning headphones - you can't! make sure you want them before buying

  • from Oakville best buy
  • Nov 16, 2015

nothing better

pros:these headphones literally did everything and more for me. they connect the the macbook pro with no issues, my note 5 with no issues and both device have full functionality in terms of volume up and down and play and pause. these are Bluetooth and run on battery but they charge fast 2 hours and you get 8 hours of playback. I went through a full day and have no issues with battery. these also come with things like different size ear tip and fins that makes the headphones stay in. con: I really don't see one overall the headphones sound and feels great. I'm no audiophile so I don't about highs and low and meds. but all I have to say is these in MY OPTION sound better then the sennheiser hd 280pro.

  • from Edmonton, AB
  • Nov 06, 2015

best Bluetooth earphones

simply the best