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LiteHawk XXL R/C Helicopter (11001)

  • Model #: 11001
  • Web Code: 10217255
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LiteHawk XXL R/C Helicopter (11001)


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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating:4.0
(5 ratings)

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Good and Bad

This heli is a dream to fly...indoors. But you will need a lot of space. Hard to fly outside with any sort of breeze. Otherwise I recommend it for a b  Read full review

litehawk XXL

I bought this for myself and I must say This is very strong and quick. I learned how too fly it online and Now I am a pro Worth the money.  Read full review

LiteHawk XXL R/C Helicopter (11001)

The LiteHawk XXL is easy to fly for every pilot, no matter what their skill level. Its light weight and 3D gyrostabilizing technology ensure that it will take flight steadily, while an omni-directional flight design makes manoeuvring a breeze.

Product Features
  • The XXL is designed for outdoor flight and ideally flown in small parks with open areas free of obstacles

  • 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio technology gives you a strong signal and allows up to 80 models to fly in the same area without frequency conflicts or loss of radio connection

  • Omni-directional flight lets you ascend, descend, go forward and backward, and make left/right turns, even 360° revolving

  • The helicopter features a breakaway blades safety feature, super-strength CNC metal chassis, LED running lights, and a Li-ion battery

  • The controller features a USB to PC port, throttle control stick, separate pitch, yaw and left/right trim buttons, directional control stick and a power switch

  • 12-minute flight time before needing to recharge in the included charger

  • Videos, tech support and replacement parts available and sold separately

  • A flight simulator software download and gameplay can be used with the controller

What's in the Box?

  • Radio
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Charger
  • Set of Blades
  • Screwdriver
  • Antennae
  • Prop
  • Clips

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