Logitech harmony Smart Control

  • Model #: 915-000195
  • Web Code: 10242486
  • Release Date: 05-25-2013


The Logitech Harmony Smart control wirelessly syncs to your devices so you can control virtually anything in your home entertainment system. This universal remote turns RF signals into IR and Bluetooth commands for complete freedom from wires. It even helps you access Internet services like Netflix through your gaming console, all without aiming the remote at your device.

More Information

  • The included Harmony Hub turns RF signals from the remote into IR and Bluetooth commands your devices can understand, so you can control your devices even through cabinets and walls.
  • Use this universal remote to access internet services like Netflix on your PS3, Wii or Xbox 360.
  • With the Harmony Smartphone app, you can turn your mobile device into a personal universal remote.

What's in the Box?

  • Harmony Hub
  • Remote Control (with battery)
  • IR Mini Blaster
  • USB cable
  • AC Adapter
  • User Documentation

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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  • Type
    Universal Remote Control
  • Material
  • Dimension
  • Height
    16.8 cm
  • Width
    5.5 cm
  • Depth
    1.9 cm
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from London

Not very good

Bought this little more tha 1 year ago now the remote doesn't work at all only way now to control things now is with phone or iPad and work sporadically wouldn't buy again

  • from Calgary, AB

Big Improvement Over the Old Generation

This is a huge improvement in functionality and ease of setup over the older generation harmonies. I've had 3 880's and a 680 and this design is much easier to setup and more reliable with the UHF to Infrared blaster / base station which uses WiFi. I purchased 2 of these for home and am planning to pick up a third.

  • from Mississauga, ON

Best Universal Remote

The performance of the device is good. Only issue for me was setting it up as it doesnt have any manual in the box.

  • from Vancouver, BC


Programming, using the app on my tablet was quite straightforward. I've now got one-button activities set up for: TV - from PVR (turns on TV, sets input to PVR, turns on audio system, sets input to A/V) TV - from Blu-ray TV - from Roku (with start-up defaulting to NetFlix) Listen to radio Listen to CD And then one button to push to turn everything off when done. Not having to have line-of-sight from the remote to the "base station" is very convenient. Very clever, and very attractive product design. As you can tell, I'm impressed!

  • from Stoney Creek, ON

Great on Sale

Easy to set up........works Great controls all my Home Theatre Devices even my Android Box. Wife even likes these ease of use. Even better on sale.

  • from Fredericton, NB

Great to hide wires for Bell FiberOp

I have been trying for a couple weeks to hide my Bell FiberOp cable box behind my TV on the wall. The Samsung TV has an IR extender, but it did not work very well. I bought an IR Repeater kit on Amazon, but that wouldn't work either. This remote works flawlessly! No more wires sticking out for me and the remote works even better than the original since it works on RF. Set up was fairly easy, you plug it in, download the app on your phone and proceed with set up. Within 10 minutes, I was able to set up my TV, STB and soundbar to all come on with the press of a button. The remote itself is stylish, and comfortable. Nice feedback on the keys, and it is quick on all devices.

  • from Mississauga, ON

Does what I hoped it would do

Works as it should and controls everything. Needed to use teach function for some of the devices so takes a bit to configure. 4 stars as the IOS and Android apps lack nice graphics. It would be nice if you could arrange the buttons so that they were like the original remote.

  • from Milton, ON

Logitech harmony Smart Control

Love this remote once figured out how to program. You have to go to a number of different locations to get programming clues. Should have a more detailed explanation of programming methods with usable examples. Maybe a list of programming codes

  • from Montréal, QC

Works well... slick design...

PROS: overall product works as described.. can program multiple devices to this remote, slick design and works well, no issues thus far CONS: somewhat complicated to install if your not tech savy reach of remote can be a little off at times even with IR blaster (I have wood cabinets)

  • from Stoney Creek, ON

compact unit

I really like the slim design, fits nicely in the hand. I wish the buttons would light up so it is easier to see. works really well and would recommend to buy it.

  • from Sarnia, ON

works as described

Controls my stereo receiver which is in the basement speakers on main floor easy setup , everything I hoped for

  • from Vancouver BC

Did not recognize HDPVR Remote Functions

After programming the Smart Hub to watch TV - the TV and Amp turned on but the HDPVR did not. I then reprogrammed the Hub and used the "teach" function to turn on and turn off the HDPVR & it worked. I then tried the Gude button on the Smart Remote found it did not function as it should? Back to reporgramming the Hub to 'teach' the Hub the guide function and this worked. I had to teach every HDPVR remote function, however before competing this task - the "My Harmony" software froze. Tried resigning into Harmony site, however I was unable complete programming the Hub because I wasn't able to sign back into my Harmony account. The initial setup was easy, however the reprogramming of each individual function became a pain & worst not being able to sign back into my Harmony account.

  • from Oakville

Works like a damn charm!

Very simple to use. Love it.

  • from Whitby, ON

Like magic, just needs to be backlit

Works great. Allows my IR cable box to be controlled via RF. Also controls sound bar, TV and Xbox one. Had to reposition the IR emitter a few times, but overall it works almost like magic. The iPhone app is great too.

  • from Whitby, ON

Not a problem with the remote

I'm not actually sure if this is a good remote or not. I order this remote 2 weeks ago with guaranteed 2 days shipping. I still have not received this remote. When I called Best Buy customer service a day after the product was supposed to arrive, they told me to call back in a week. When I called a week later, still without receiving the product, they told me that they were opening an investigation and would get back to me in another week. I am now purchasing the product on Amazon, and will be returning this to the store whenever it shows up.

  • from Toronto, ON

The best this i have bought in a long time

Unbelievably easy to set up, all my equipment is stashed away out of site and works flawlessly. Even turns off the apple tv without having to go the the settings menu, sleep now. Just hit off and everything turns off and vice versa. Love it !

  • from Calgary, AB

Did exactly what it's designed for!

I bought this because I hid all of my components behind a cabinet I made. It controls everything with ease and I actually find the included remote easier than the app on the phone. Setup took some tweaking but what doesn't? I would recommend this to anyone that wants to hang their TV on a wall and tuck everything else away.

  • from Calgary, AB

Easier to set up than expected!

Bought this to replace a busted Harmony One. Really love that any iPad/iPhone can be used as a remote, though my wife sometimes thinks it's funny to turn off the TV on me from the other room. :) My only concern buying this was whether the IR emitters on the base and booster would need to be moved around a lot to figure out where to get the best shot at all the devices. Turns out you can put it anywhere and they are bright enough that the IR reflects off just about everything and hits them all. My wall mounted TV has no issue with signal from the base within my entertainment cabinet. And set up is super easy, you just need to dig up model numbers for everything, which is probably the toughest step (old receipts/manuals help if you can't see one on the physical unit without taking apart your setup). The RF remote is very sleek, and works perfectly. Overall I find this product is a lot more responsive than my Harmony One was, and very convenient to use.

  • from Calgary, AB

Harmony smart Control

replaced our old 650 series with the 2 - Harmony Smart Control, very easy to install with the I-phone and once completed works great...should have purchased earlier...

  • from Vancouver, BC

excellent remote

Should have bought this awhile ago. One remote and easy to use.

  • from Calgary, AB

Reliable and Functional

I love how we can control our everything with the remote or any phone (we have iphones) as well as how easy it was to set up. With old harmonies that used infrared it was constantly missing one of the things it was trying to turn on but that doesn't happen anymore with the radio signal. Lots of customizability as well Recommended

  • from Toronto, ON

Great value and it works

Although the focus is on using this with a smartphone app, I actually like the included remote. If they made it with a backlight it would be 5 stars. (I would gladly pay a premium for this feature!) Five remotes replaced with one - it can even control my light dimmers. On occasion it gets confused, but overall it works very well - even with my PS3 which I use as my Blu-Ray player. Highly recommended.

  • from St. Catharines, ON

What a great concept

I purchase this remote to replace my step-son's old 650. He has MD and is confined to his bed with nothing more than a TV, PS3, Xbox (can't play games anymore) and a laptop. Limited mobility in his hands and fingers (nothing more), I am hoping that this makes his life easier. I successfully programmed all the devices and even created a sequence to turn on the PS3, navigate and enter Netflix all at the push of a button. Should he need assistance, my wife and I can access his controller from the living room using our tablet. I am hoping that Logitech comes up with a controller app that works on PC so that he can get some of his own control back as his ability to reach the controller next to him is already difficult.

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Easy to use once setup

I bought this remote last month, because we were losing track of our remotes (TV remote, cable box, PS3 controller). Part of our purchase decision was the Bluetooth capabilities allowing control of the PS3. Although the initial setup was rather complicated, once the remote was setup it was rather easy to use. Although an IR blaster was provided, we were able to control our devices without it. Setup requires use of a smartphone app. Also, PS3 setup requires use of an actual PS3 controller. All of the normal buttons are accessible via the remote, either as short presses (press and release) or long presses (hold and release). The smartphone app can also be used as an additional remote. The one beef I have with this unit is that it occasionally needs to be reset, as it will sometimes stop responding or lose its pairing with the PS3.

  • from Ottawa, ON

would buy this for everything

this works flawlessly within reason. love the IR blaster.. helps me clear the space for a minimalist look. i do not like the remote itself but its good enough for a simpler setup -- ex: in the kitchen where there is just cableTV and Roku box. i say "within reason" because if you are the type of person that hammers on the remote fast and gets flustered by turning system on and off quickly without really understanding how the tech works, then yeah, the system will get confused and really frustrate you. in any case, outside of the devices getting out of sync, this thing is awesome.

  • from Toronto, ON

Great purchase

Works great and set up was incredibly easy. My only gripes is my devices could not be located automatically, lack of ps4 support (sony's fault), and no support for 5ghz wifi. However these shortcomings are minor, and the device works like a dream once set up. The simple remote is very comofortable. Highly recommended.

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Why not?

I've had a Harmony remote since their release. I never review anything but felt I would on this because some people gave it such a bad review. The remote could have maybe used 1 or 2 more quick command function buttons, but other than that its perfect.

  • from Toronto, ON

4th one is a charm!

This is my 4th Harmony remote and I have to tell you it is the best one yet. Easy to program, easy to understand and it works much faster than previous models. I have all my tech behind a cupboard door and the base station works on all the tech i have in there (appleTV, Stereo, Bell Fibe Box, DVD player, Xbox). I thought i needed the full blown model but this one has been just awesome. Highly recommend.

  • from Oakville, ON

Stay Well Away

I have been a Harmony user for many years. Bought a Harmony remote many years ago because, like many, there were just too many remotes and Logitech offered a very handy device for controlling everything. This original unit has now seen better days and I was in the market for a replacement. Did not consider any other brand because I had been so pleased with earlier purchase. Shopped about and decided upon this remote since it combined iPhone operational availability. Followed the instructions to the letter and have had nothing but frustration from the outset. Before I knew it the 90 warranty had expired and I am left with this piece of junk. Be advised...do not...repeat...do not consider this product. You will regret it from outset. Perhaps their other remotes are fine, but I am now off of Logitech. Will not be returning as a consumer and will advise everyone to stay away.

  • from Bonnyville, AB

Excellent product

We have a TV, receiver, blue ray player, satellite receiver, and a sound bar. We tried various permutations with other universal remotes to get things to work. One of the biggest issues was the sound bar and controlling the sound. The harmony remote set up in about 10 minutes, had all the information needed for each of our components, and is extremely intuitive. For extra control, we sometimes use the app, but often just use the provided remote. Cleaned up 5 remotes into 1. Awesome!

  • from Laval, QC

Harmony Smart

Nice.... just nice....

  • from Sidney, BC

Logitech harmony smart control

Overall we are happy with the control. It has replaced the five remotes we have for our system. The basic set-up was straight forward and went well. Some fiddling was required to identify the function that would alter the sound mode on the AVR, change the aspect ratio when in TV mode and operate the Blue Ray disc tray.

  • from Calgary, AB

Alas! My best technology purchase ever!

I bought the Logitech Harmony Smart Control a couple of weeks ago, after using the Logitech Compatibility Checker that's provided on the Logitech website. I have 5 devices that passed the Compatibility Checker, which includes a PlayStation 3, an old VCR player, an old DVD Player, a Telus set top box, and a Sony sound bar that's connected via an optical cable to my TV. After defining what Logitech refers to as "Activities", one for TV, and one for Movies (e.g. Netflix), which co-incidentally correspond to the appropriate icons/buttons on the remote, I can now, for the first time ever, turn on the devices that are associated with each Activity, at the press of a single button. Unbelievable! No more nonsense. Only one trick to the setup. You'll need a Smart phone to pair your Sony PlayStation 3 with the hub. No biggie, and after it is paired, you can use your Smart phone as the remote. The other thing is, you'll need to figure out how to do a Search in Netflix, which is no biggie either. Overall, this unit exceeds my expectations! The first truly "universal" remote that I have ever owned. With over 225,000 devices supported (e.g. Google "Logitech compatibility checker"), you really can't go wrong. You'll know in advance of buying this remote, whether it should work with your devices. I may end up buying another one, for a Christmas present, I like the thing so much. Highly recommend it.

  • from Sechelt, BC

So far, so good

I bought the Logitech Harmony Smart Control after our previous Logitech 900 cratered. That was a poorly made product and I'm hoping this is better (thus three stars - I'm being hopeful). Got this from Best Buy online and it was delivered in days. Set-up was a bit of a challenge without any instructions ... even as an engineer it wasn't obvious that I needed to connect it to the computer and log-on to Logitec's site. Thus I deducted one star for 'ease of use'. Since then though its been great. It operates all our devices seamlessly, without the 'almost right' functionality of the 900. The simple remote works very well and we tend to use it far more than the app.

  • from Whitby, ON

Love thing thing.

I have several components that are hidden out of view. A regular IR remote can not control them. I tried to use an IR extender but it was not reliable. This unit fixed all the problems, it always works even if someone is standing in the way, No need to point it at the TV either. All other remotes seem like junk after using this one It is a fine instrument compared to all the other junk available om the market. You need to be a bit of a geek to get it working!

  • from Calgary, AB

No items found

Use the computer to download the setup program. All went fine, until I tried finding my Tv, Cable box, remote speakers. IT found only my nintendo Wii, My tv is a samsung Tv, my cable box is a Cisco product. My sound system is RCA. These products are 2 years old. A universal remote should find such simple items. Terrible Universal.

  • from Toronto, ON


Works seamlessly with PS3, Apple TV, Rogers DVR, and Sony 2010 Bravia TV. Setup was easy. And although I love the iPad and iPhone apps, my favourite aspect of all is the compact, no-nonsense remote.

  • from Port Elgin, ON

Worthwhile product

We have used other integrated remotes and had problems with battery life and the occasional mixed up signal. This product overcomes these problems by using a powered base, so the IR signals are much stronger and always get through. Since the base is plugged in, the coin cell in the remote should last much longer. The app for iPhone or iPad also works well and adds flexibility. Recommended.

  • from Oshawa, ON

saved my marriage

This is the greatest piece of electronic equipment I have ever bought - my system was a mess -the rogers remotes keep breaking down -the blue ray turns the tv on or off at will and the sound system wasnt compatible with any of the other remotes -than I bought this on sale and in half an hour had it programmed so that one push of the button turns on what we want and turns off what we dont -fantastic

  • from Sask

Extremely better than expected

Picked this up because my wife was frustrated trying to operate the 4 remotes for our home theater system to the point that she didn't use it. It was extremely easy to setup, just followed the instructions. You need to know the exact model number of all your devices and the port names the various devices use (ie, component, HDMI2) but as long as you have all that beside you when you start the app, it walks you through it and everything worked first time. Great product. I would definitely recommend.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Great remote, but not for amateurs

I've read the previous reviews, and two things stand out: First, all the older bugs in the software that were commented on have been fixed since 2014 (they redesigned the software), and second, all the complaints are based on problem related to the person's poor placement or poor WiFi connectivity -- NOT the remote/base. If you've never touched a Harmony remote before, it _can_ be take time to learn how the workflow operates... but it has improved since my first Harmony that lasted 7 years (and still runs!) I've even bought another 2 as gifts for family, who love them as well.

  • from Saint Catharines, ON

Logitech Harmonyh Smart Control

This is the first time that I have ever wanted to do a review for a product. After an old Harmony remote died on me, I decided to look at this model. My wife and I both have iPhones, and an iPad. I also wanted a remote that would work behind closed doors since our receiver and HD box is inside a cabinet. I purchased this unit and noticed that all you needed to do was plug the included Hub in first and hook up to your local wifii. Make sure you have all the model numbers and names of your products you want to enter. The process takes a little while, but it walks you through it very easily. Within 20 minutes, I was up and running with full remote features on my phone and iPad. It downloads your local service provider with ease including all the icons for your favorite stations. My wife can now control all of our systems without the frustration of looking for different remotes and turning them on in sequence. Fabulous!! This is a great system at a great price. A must buy!!!

  • from London

It is amazing remote-control

Every time I watch TV I had five different remote controls beside me like Home theater remote TV remote DVD remote satellite box remote roku remote I was sick and tired with all these remote controls and finally I purchased this Harmony remote and I'll tell you guys I have no words to describe how much I'm loving it it's absolutely amazing it just works it took me about one hour to set up everything but that’s something you will do only ones. the good thing is you can set up from a smart phone wirelessly you can also edit and change things after from your smartphone wirelessly anytime I highly recommend this remote control to everyone it is worth it every penny. Do yourself A favor put all of your remotes aside and buy this one.

  • from Sudbury, ON

Best Harmony remote ever!

I've had a few Harmony remotes over the years, and this is by far the best one. If I forget to bring the remote in the kitchen, I can just take out my cell phone to change songs, pause, change volume, etc. I was worried that the supplied remote would be just a sub-par backup, but that is definitely not the case. It's thin, light and has a great battery life. Anyone giving a Harmony remote less than 4 stars is just too lazy to properly customize it. As for this particular remote, there is absolutely no reason to give it less than 5.

  • from Cranbrook, BC

Logitech Harmony Remote Control

This is my second remote of this kind. The first generation was great. This one is amazing works very fast. The only problem we have is the signal to make it work bounces off our tile flooring and gyprock walls. So you have to make sure the control is near the floor. It also works very well with my iphone.

  • from Brampton, ON

Harmony remote

I would say this remote has exceeded my expectations. Controlling everything using my iPad works better. There seems to be delay after turning on components with remote before I can access functions.

  • from dorchester, ON

not impressed

not the easiest remote to program. Also seems glitch when it comes to channel changing. doesn't always respond to commands

  • from Vancouver, BC

Simple to setup - Excellent to use

I'm quite impressed overall with this unit. I've been using harmony products for years, and finally had my old remotes break down. I bought 2 of them, one for me and one for my parents, when you're an only child immediately become tech support for your parents too. It's simple to setup and I was able to migrate my old profiles over so I didn't have to reprogram everything. Love the iOS integration and I like the simplicity of the remote itself as well. I was able to pair it with my Apple TV as well which was always a problem for me not having bluetooth compatibility. Still waiting on the patch to update for PS4, but that should come eventually. Keep in mind there's a limit of 8 devices that can be added to the hub. For the price it's a worthwhile investment, and is one of the best electronic devices I've used in the past few years. I highly recommend it.

  • from Surrey, BC

Great Idea Poor Execution DO NOT PURCHASE

This remote was what I had been looking for or wanted in a remote. That excitement however soon became rage, this is one of the most irritating remotes I have ever touched, the software works fine but the remote IR blaster has horrible response time. It doesn't respond very well, some moments it will work but there is a massive lag from when you pressed the button to when it will respond. It will either preform the task or lag and then preform it after a delay that can be 2-5 seconds or act like you have done nothing at all...and then other times it works just fine with no adjustments ever being made...Its that inconsistency that has caused me to pack this item back up and return it...Logitech still makes great products this one however is not for me I would advise ******VERY STRONGLY NOT TO GET THIS ITEM******

  • from Bolton, ON

Smart Review

Disconnecting Hub to update remote is annoying. Own Harmony 900 where you plug in remote to computer better option. Harmony software is alright you can use smart phone to control devices, though I would have preferred the Harmony remote control was equipped with a light for night use. Play Pause etc buttons should be placed lower on the remote, all newer Harmony remotes have same poor design. Older models like the 900 with touch screen, buttons are better laid out as you would use the play,ff, rew, more often than the activity buttons.

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