Final Clearance Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control

  • Model #: 915-000202
  • Web Code: 10242485
  • Release Date: 04/12/2013


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Get control over all your different devices with the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control. This universal remote turns RF signals into IR and Bluetooth commands so you can control your devices even through cabinets and walls. Use the 2.4" colour touchscreen to swipe through different channels or command your video game console to access Netflix.

More Information

  • The included Harmony Hub turns RF signals from the remote into IR and Bluetooth commands your devices can understand, so you can control your devices even through cabinets and walls.
  • Use this universal remote to access Internet services like Netflix on your PS3, Wii or Xbox 360.
  • With the Harmony Smartphone app, you can turn your mobile device into a personal universal remote.
  • The vibrant, 2.4-inch colour touchscreen lets you swipe and tap to change channels, adjust the volume, fast-forward or rewind. You can even customize it the way you want.
  • A gentle vibration lets you know when the remote receives a command from the touchscreen, so there's no need to look down.
  • The screen lights up automatically when you tilt your remote, so you can see what you're doing, even in dark rooms.
  • Every button can be programmed for both short and long presses - effectively doubling the number of buttons you can use.

What's in the Box?

  • Remote Control (with rechargeable battery)
  • Harmony Hub
  • 2 x IR Mini Blasters
  • Charging Station
  • USB Cable
  • 2 x AC Adapters
  • User Documentation

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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  • Type
    Universal Remote Control
  • Material
  • Dimension
  • Height
    19 cm
  • Width
    6 cm
  • Depth
    3.2 cm
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from Toronto, ON

A great universal remote

The ease of setup, functionality and design of this remote make it one of the best out there. Add to that the incredible customer service I experienced when I called in with a question and this is a remote I will recommend to everyone.

  • from London, ON


Once set up it is a pleasure to use. For a person like myself who has 70" 3D smart tv, 125" electric projection screen and wi-fi HDMI to the projector, 7.1 surround sound, HDD recorder with DVD burner, 3D Blue-Ray player and other devices this thing is a must. Because it uses RF devices do not need to be in line of sight. The HUB which sends IR and RF signals is placed wherever it makes sense in a cabinet behind walls etc. the two IR Blasters that plug into the HUB can be positioned as required to send IR signals to Nexbox 3.0 TV etc. My 125" electric projection screen which would have been controlled by the 12v out cable on the projector and a long 30ft. cable does not need the cable it can be controlled either by IR or RF I have it set up on RF " You Got to Love It" ! For those Goofy situations where one might not have the IR Blasters positioned correctly the remote can be configured to send IR signal to the required device.

  • from Londo, ON


Best Logitech yet !!

  • from Vancouver, BC

Nice upgrade from Harmony One

I bought this to replace a Harmony One that was starting to die. The Harmony Ultimate software migrated the settings from the old remote, but a couple of activities had to be recreated because some buttons would not assign properly. The IR hub works perfectly without needing the extra IR emitters, the components on lower shelves underneath the hub pick up the IR signal without issue. The Android app works well with the hub. The button placement on the remote is a little odd though. It would have been nice to have the display at the top like the Harmony One.

  • from Toronto, ON

Do your research before making a decision

I've owned close to 10 Harmony remotes. This is by far valued as the lowest on the scale. The biggest problem I have with it is - I regularly must turn on my Panasonic television manually despite several attempts using the remote. The touch screen is okay. Unless you are pretty comfortable and agile with most, remember you'll be reliant on it. With the brush of a finger you may be watching or listening to something unintended. The physical buttons are pretty awkward for me for navigation. I've accidentally shut down everything when attempting to rewind. Have a look at their other devices. They make great products. This version, for me, falls short of my expectations based on experience.

  • from Saskatoon, SK

Its OK

I have never found a universal remote that adequately replaced the original remotes. This is another case of that. The programming is initially pretty simple but then you will likely find some glitches. Rest assured, with enough time (it took me hours) you can get almost anything working but you have to go into the more advanced screens in the desktop app to get everything tweaked correctly. Therefore, you will require at least some "techy" confidence to set this remote up. Since I was able to get it to do everything I needed, I give this remote 3 stars. Secondly, as others have stated, the touchscreen is nice but highly impractical for a remote control There is no tactile feedback so you often press the wrong button or have to keep looking back and forth from the touchscreen to the device or TV. And lastly some of the most commonly used buttons are missing. For example, the most used button on my DVR/PVR is the skip forward button. You CAN use the FF and RWD buttons at the top of the remote but to do a skip, you have to hold them for a second so its really awkward and very slow. So to improve this, I had to program two of the "special" bottom buttons to do this. But that puts commonly used buttons on the very bottom of the remote which is awkward. The 4 special buttons should be located in the middle of the remote. I'll probably keep this because its one of the better universal remotes I have tried, but in the end is still pretty disappointing for the money you pay.

  • from Langley, BC

Great Product

I have owned 3 of these Logitech Harmony remotes over the years. All 3 have been not only exceptionally easy to setup and use but also simply WORK! I've tried other "universal" remotes in the past and none come close to working as well as the Logitech. Within 10-15 mins of opening the box it was programmed and I was sitting on my couch enjoying it. I would absolutely recommend this product without hesitation.

  • from Toronto, ON

Does not worth it

It's very fancy as a universal remote. The touchscreen responds fast and smooth, but the touchscreen is not suitable for this type of product. At the same time, I got harmony home that has less functions compare to ultimate harmony to see which one I like most in case of ease of use. I finally chose the home hormony, because it controls with keys instead of touchscreen. If u think the touch is cool, u can have the touch when u are connected to the hub by ur smartphone.

  • from Calgary, AB

Paid top dollar for junk

I've had this for 7 months. Battery lasts 2 hours now. if I forget to put it on the charger at night, I can't use it the next day. what a piece of junk....the i-phone app is an ok back up, but not very intuitive.

  • from Garson

Amazing Remote

Works perfectly with all of my devices behind closed cabinet doors. One IR blaster covers all 4 shelves in my cabinet and the ir signals to the different devices work every time. The whole inside of the cabinet is covered.

  • from Oakville, ON

They fixed something that was not broken

I like touch screens. They've inarguably changed the way we interface with most computers in our lives, and for the better. But there are times when a touch screen is just NOT the right answer, and I can find no better an example than in a remote control. Don't believe me? Think of how many times you've used muscle memory to find just the right button - in the dark - on your last/most used remote. Well, you can't do that easily with the Harmony Ultimate. It's a real shame too, because the Harmony One was a work of remote control art. Here's another example of touch-screen FAIL. I'm on Bell Fibe. I run it through the Xbox One. It's brilliant, and will only get better as the Canadian version of Xbox One software matures. My problem is, changing channels requires a few swipes to get to the digits screen, then staccato-style tapping to make sure all 4 channel numbers get sent before the Fibe box thinks I'm done typing. It is pointless to make a remote control that does not have the number buttons in physical form. The underlying technology and the included hub with access for iOS devices is brilliant. The included IR extender is brilliant. The main remote is kludgey and poorly thought out. Think about how many times you hit Pause or Skip Forward on your current remote. If you've got a DVR and a spouse, I'm guessing that combination has saved your marriage. Logitech decided to put those buttons at the VERY TOP of the remote, far away from where you naturally hold it. I imagine that this is a problem of someone with a CAD program designing a pretty remote, not a user of remotes asking her/himself, "What do I press most often?" and "What do I have to press quickly?"

  • from London, ON

Logitech Ultimate Harmony Remote

Replaces an older harmony remote...transferred all my data from old remote to the new one, so that was easy. Using the apps on my tablet and smart phone are hit and miss...some functions work and some don't. Haven't had time to figure out why. Took a bit getting used to only because my older remote was a totally different design.

  • from Ottawa, ON

surprisingly easy to configure

Works great.

  • from Markham, ON

Great for hard to reach components

My old harmony remote consistently failed to work because line of sight between the remote and the component I was trying to use was broken (either by kids/people walking in the way, or furniture in the room). The Harmony Ultimate is far superior in this regard, with the IR sensors placed right by the components. Also being able to activate bluetooth components is a plus as well. The design and interface of the remote, from a usability perspective, could use some improvement, but I don't think it's terrible either. Also being able to use a tablet/smartphone over wifi to control all the components is a nice feature as well (again usuability wise this interface could use some help, but also not terrible). All in all I'm happy with the purchase, and bought one for my Dad as well.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Would be great if it worked

The Harmony Ultimate was an exercise in frustration. Setting it up is easy enough, especially if you have a previous Harmony remote. You can just import all the settings and activities from the old remote. And then you can customize until to your heart's content. That's all great. And being able to sync the remote over your home network instead of connecting it to your computer is great. But that is where the greatness ends. The problem is getting the remote to actually work. I had problem after problem with the remote. Often, after selecting an activity, none of the buttons would control anything. Sometimes in this scenario, selecting another activity would fix this. Other times it would not. Sometimes the remote would start out working, but would then stop. Sometimes rebooting the hub would help; sometimes it would not. Sometimes it would work from the get-go, until you tried to use it the next day. I suspect the problem was the fact that the remote sends the command to the hub, which then sends it to everything else, except that it wouldn't. The potential for this setup is fantastic, which apps to turn mobile devices into remotes, and wireless syncing. But when basic functions do not work, everything else is useless. I returned it after a week of fighting with it and got the Harmony Touch instead. No hub to mess anything up, and so far it works like it should.

  • from Edmonton, AB

New isn't always better

Navigation buttons are placed at the top, which means you often accidentally activate commands on the touch screen or the touch-sensitive home or favourite buttons. Meanwhile, the guide/menu/channel up/down buttons are at the bottom. As the previous reviewer mentioned, the touch screen should be at the top. There should also be separate skip fwd and back buttons, but these are combined with the fast fwd and rwd buttons. The IR blasters don't work well. The main hub is unable to command 2 devices that are in the same small cabinet, so I need to use an additional blaster. So now I have unnecessarily used up all my blasters. Finally, the app is ok for navigating regular TV but is unable to change activities.

  • from Chestermere, AB

Works like a charm

Great product, takes a bit to get use to if you've had a previous Harmony remote. But once you know what your doing its great, love that it works in closed spaces meaning I can keep it behind solid doors. I love the setup, people may complain about that but it's a very sophisticated remote so I don't know how they could have made it any differently. Great product.

  • from Winnipeg, MB


The device works good. We bought it to replace an old Harmony One and it transferred all the data from the old one to this one easily. No headaches setting it up. The one major flaw I see is the design. Yes, it fits nicely in your hand but it will not sit nicely on the arm of the sofa and therefore is always on the verge of falling off. You would think that the designers would think of this when planning it out. Very disappointed with this design but it does work well for all of our media devices.

  • from Steinbach, MB

Can be alot better

this remote can do alot, but it has its problems. Screen should be on top, all buttons should be under the screen. battery lasts like 2 days, which is stupid. buttons are not very responsive, sometimes dont work unless u push hard. the cellphone app on the other hand works great. if i could id just get the hub with the app. Harmony one was a much better remote. not worth [price] i my opinion

  • from Kelowna, BC


Just picked this remote up yesterday and so far I am very happy. Had another Logitech remote before which lasted for 7 years until the volume button started acting up. Even on sale maybe a little pricey but all in all very nice product. Better than previous remote as far as design and ease of use. Hard to give rating on durability after 1 day but based on other Logitech products I have purchased I don't anticipate any problems. Not sure why previous review said the remote was "buggy". There have been no problems operating any of my devices (TV's, amps, HD box or PS3)

  • from Toronto, ON

Serious Bugs

Serious bugs with this remote. Stay away.

  • from Toronto, ON

Good but could be better

Since I am not aware of another remote that can do what this logitech is by default the best. However, you must be pretty tech savvy to program this remote, so if you don't consider yourself to be stay away or make sure you know someone that is. Having said that, once the remote is programmed it's pretty good to use. I do miss having the tactile numbered buttons on the remote because the touch screen is not that great for today's standards, ie: sometimes the screen gets swiped right or left or you press the wrong button. I do like the favourite channel icons making it easy to switch to your most viewed channels easily, on the con side of that is it's also easy for my 3 year old son to put it on his channels to...:) Overall a very good remote that can do things that no other remote can, but there is room for improvement. So if your tech savvy and like having all of your components hidden for a clean look in the room, as well as eliminating a bunch of remotes it's a good buy. Also, the app for the Iphone is cool too, when the remote is across the room and you're too lazy to get up, or on the patio and have a second room zone setup like I do it's easy to turn on the patio tunes from my Iphone.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Nice Remote

Decided on a whim to take the plunge and buy this at Best-Buy based on reading up on it on the Logitech Website. Pleasantly surprised so far and after owning several remotes including a few Logitech's I can say this is by far the best one yet. Touch screen is very nice, dual action buttons is genius once you get used to them and allows for the simple layout of the remote. I for one appreciate having many less buttons. Remote feels nice to the touch and to hold and was fairly easy to set up at Price is a deterrent and beware that the battery is not replaceable as per Logitech website description. So they say you should get at least 3 years out of it but the warranty is only a year so it's a gamble. I also would have preferred the dvd / dvr buttons placed below the touch screen for more fluid control and the odd time you inadvertently hit one of the commands on the screen but it's rare and a minor point. Overall I would not hesitate if you're in the market for a very nice remote and the price is not an object to you knowing it's basically disposable in about 3 or so years. Cheers Tom

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